Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Different Eyeliner Looks

I'm still doing the nice thin line on the upper eyelid with a thin line on the outer half of the lower lid but I know there are so many different ways to apply it to achieve a variety of looks.  I usually do this particular look because it's fast, easy, and any mistakes don't show as much.  So I need to practice other looks so it becomes as easy to apply as what I use now. I apologize for my drawings ahead of time.  I'm not real good.

We all know about the cat eye where you start on the inner eye and draw it outward increasing the thickness of the line as its applied to the edge and then it continues up and out to form a wing so it ends in line with the end of the eye brow.  It is best accomplished with a liquid eyeliner.

A look similar to the cat eye is the arrow which starts the same as the cat eye but another thick line goes up along the fold becoming narrower and fading out to mid eyeful.  It's like two lines coming to a point at the edge but they are different lengths.  I have a drawing to the left. 

Next is the fishtail liner with a thick line on the top lid and a semi thick line on the bottom lid going from inner to outer corners but the lines extend past the outer edge of the eye without meeting.  There is only a small flare at the end of the top line at the outer edge. A gel or liquid eyeliner is best for this.

Of course one can always stay with the natural line which is a line on the upper eyelid only. This is best done with a pencil eyeliner because you want it to smudge along the upper edge of the line to give it depth. The line itself isn't too thick but it smudges upwards from the line so it looks as if you have some matching eye powder.

The thick winged liner is a thick line on the upper lid which starts thick at the inner corner and ends up going to a nice wing outside the outer corner.  It is thick the whole way from edge to edge. It has a shape that follows the curve of your eyelid.

The standard winged liner is where you have a thicker line on the top eyelid and a thinner line on the bottom meeting at a wing at the outer corner.  To make a bold statement, use the thick all-round winged liner which adds a thick liner to the lower lid and meets at both the inner and outer corners so it looks continuous and appears thick even in the inner corner.

You can also reverse the winged look by having the thinner line on the top lid and the thicker line on the bottom with the wing on the bottom part at the outer edge. This is as if they took the normal winged look and just flipped. 

On the other hand, if ou want something unique, try a thick blue upper liner from inner to outer corner ending at a beautiful wing on the outer corner.  Then do a thick line on the lower eye in say a beautiful sparkly green that meets the wing on the bottom lid of the eye so you have two different colors above and below your eye.

Want something to give a bit of an illusion?  Apply your eyeliner along the top lid of the eye so it isn't thick but comes to a wing on the outer corner.  Then apply a line above the crease so it follows the natural curve but isn't too thick.  This makes it look as if you have a floating line.

Don't want too thick a line but want to make a statement.  Apply your eyeliner as usual but give it a long, long tail that is medium in width so it's seen but not overpowering.  

Last look, is what I call the vamp look but others refer to it as smoky liner.  The black eyeliner flows out from inner corner around the eye.  The upper line is thick and covers the lid while the bottom line is thick and the two lines meet at the outer corner, so the colored area encircles the eye.  Then the edge is rounded at the edge and it's smudged into the area above the crease but not all the way up to the eye brow.

Just a few ideas for changing your eyeliner so you can change your look depending on your look and how you feel.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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