Monday, June 20, 2022

Working Out Using DVD's

When the pandemic hit, gyms closed down so people had to find other ways to work out.  For me, it didn't make a big difference because I'm usually in the middle of nowhere so there is no gym or center available to take classes.  I've had to rely on the use of DVD's for the past 20 years or so.  I'll admit, I have several DVD's that are a bit tougher than I can handle because they have you popping down on your hands and knees, then up, and back down.  My knees don't like those or the DVD's with modification that aren't that much different from the regular.  I'll share what I've learned plus some things to look for when getting a DVD.

Personally, I like DVD's that have women who are different weights and shapes because not all of us, myself included, are athletically slender with no belly or fat.  When I see women who have real curves or are older say over 40, I feel as if I'm working out with others who might be my neighbor. When every person on the video has no fat, lots of abs and muscles, my insecurities explode and I'm always comparing my body to theirs and I lose every time.  

Another thing I love to see in any workout are modifications.  My favorites always seem to have the instructor showing the regular workout with someone showing the routine with modifications for people who might have joint issues or are beginners and someone who shows the more advanced moves so I can chose which one is best for me.  In fact, it is recommended that one check the level of fitness the DVD is rated, does it have modifications so you can progress from say beginner to intermediate.  I will admit, when a store went out of business, I bought a kettlebell with 6 different DVD's and it turns out the workouts are designed for folks who have been doing kettlebells for years.  I bought some other kettlebell DVD's with beginner and intermediate workouts so I can get myself to the point I can do the more advanced workouts.

Next, read the description to see if it tells you how much space you need and what equipment is needed or if the equipment is included.  Do you need a resistance band, weights, a mat, or blocks.  Is the DVD asking for equipment that is expensive or only used with the DVD?  Then you might want to look for something else.  I have some DVD's that use weights and the modified workout either uses a set of cans instead of one pound weights or no weights.  I have a couple other DVD's that included the resistance band so I didn't have to try to order the equipment.

What are you looking for?  Are you looking for a workout that tones your whole body, helps build muscle, builds abs, improves your booty?  Make sure the DVD meets your criteria and set some realistic goals and expectations before you go shopping. In addition, think about what types of things you like, do you like to dance, move about, do lots of weights because you'll want to find DVD's that meet that desire.  I love to dance, so I have lots of dance type workouts but I also have DVD's that have me moving around a lot.  Some of my DVD's include resistance bands or weights while I move about.

One other thing to think about is are you the type of person who likes a definite routine and you'll be happy with just a few DVD's or do you need a large number of DVD's to keep from getting bored?  I have quite a few because I like to focus on different aspects of the body depending on the day.  I also include things like tai chi, yoga, and DVD's focused on improving balance.

Take time to look at the instructor.  Look for them on the internet to see what their qualifications are and see if they have something on Youtube so you can see them in action.  Do you like their style?  I generally read the reviews to see what people say and how the ratings are spread.  If you have a library near by, see if they have the DVD you want in their video section so that you can check it out.  In general, if I like one video by an instructor, I'll order more of their stuff because I know I like them.

Finally, ask yourself how often do you think you'll use the DVD based on the type of workout and the length of workout.  I have workouts of different lengths because somedays I need a 10 minute workout to get me started and other days, I have time for a 50 minute workout.  Do not buy something that is 75 minutes long when you know you don't usually have more than 20 minutes available most day. 

You may be a person who prefers to workout in the gym so you might only want one or two for those days when the weather makes it difficult to get to the gym. Other than that, there is a good chance that no matter how carefully you think and check out things, you'll end up with a workout you don't like.  When that happens, make a donation to the library or give them to used goods places like second hand stores or goodwill and other stores.  You can take a bit of a tax write-off that way.  Let me know what you think I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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