Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Why Moisturize Your Neck


Most of us are great at moisturizing our faces or bodies but we often skip over our necks because it just seems to be in a weird location so we miss it. If we don't pay attention to our necks, they can become prematurely wrinkled and look old.

The cell composition of the neck is different from the rest of the body. Think about it, you do not get pimples on the neck but you get them on the face or body. It is thinner and more prone to wrinkling. When skin is thinner, it does not have as much collagen so the skin lacks the support to keep it from getting wrinkled.  The skin on your neck is about as thin as the skin on your eyelids. Due to the thinness of neck skin, it loses elasticity sooner than other parts of the body

In addition, your neck does not produce the natural oils the rest of your body produces. Your face produces oil which helps keep your skin moisturized and young but your neck has only a few sebaceous or oil glands so it produces only a little oil, not enough to protect the skin. When people have lots of sebaceous glands, they heal wounds better and experience fewer signs of aging. You also have a sheet of muscles that run from the jawline to the clavicle.  It is used by people on a regular basis and can be stretched out, causing people to look older. The skin on the neck is also being effected by gravity as it causes a pull on the skin.  Furthermore, the position we sleep in and how we hold our faces during the day can lead to aging.

As far as signs of aging, age spots and wrinkles will appear first on your neck and upper chest. Since we often forget to apply sunscreen the neck skin experiences damage from UV and environmental factors.  Your skin can become blotchy due to years of spraying perfume on your neck. 

One of the things you can do to prevent aging on your neck is to apply sunscreen to your neck every day.  Most people remember to use sunscreen on their face and body but forget to cover the neck.  It is also recommended that people exfoliate the skin on the neck using a product with glycolic or lactic acid. Apply any retinol product at night when it is most effective. 

People also forget to apply lotion to their necks as they apply lotion to their bodies.  It is easy to forget the neck. Although any type of moisturizing lotion can be used on the neck, it is strongly recommended one choose a lotion designed for the neck because they help stimulate collagen and elastin. It is important the moisturizer has vitamin C, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin A, the same important anti-aging ingredients found in face products.  If you want, you can use the same products on your neck that you use on your face if you want. When applying the cream or lotion to the neck, it should be applied using an upward and outward motions. It is important to include the back of the neck and ears when applying the moisturizer.  

So when you do your daily skin routine, don't forget your neck.  Extend the application of sunscreen down your neck so its protected and be sure to extend it down your chest to your neck line of your clothing.  Exfoliate, apply serums and moisturizers, finish with sunscreen during the day but at night include a retinol product.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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