Wednesday, June 22, 2022

What Type Of Makeup Should You Wear In Super Hot Weather.


Wearing makeup in extremely hot weather can be difficult due to the propensity of the human body to sweat and we do more of it when the temperature is up. This means you need to look at the type of makeup you use so it stays on nicely. Although it is often better to go without makeup, there are times such as an evening out when we want to wear it.

The most important step in the process is to begin by prepping your skin.  Always cleanse your skin so you get rid of dirt, sweat, and other things that could effect your makeup.  Then apply an oil free broad spectrum sunscreen on the clean skin so you have enough protection.

Think about starting with a primer when you begin your makeup.  Primer was originally designed to wear in humid weather to extend the life of the foundation. However, it should be only used on the T-zone, the side of the nose and cheeks but if you use too much primer, you skin suddenly looks too dull or flat.  Furthermore, avoid a silicon based primer because it can dry out the skin.  Instead of messing with a primer, think about using a good hydrating lotion.

As far as foundations go, look for a liquid rather than a cream because creams are less stable than liquid foundations. In fact, you'll want to look for a water based formula because the rich hydrating foundations tends to slide off in the hot weather. When you apply the foundation, apply it in a light layer and add another layers in areas that might need a little extra but do not use a heavy layer.  Finish with a nice powder in the T-Zone and it should last all day but make sure the foundation is completely dry before applying the powder, otherwise it looks caked.  Should you decide to go with a cream blush, look for one that has a dry finish otherwise they'll turn greasy.  Although shimmer blushes may look cool, they can make your skin look oilier in the heat.  

If you need to conceal any blemishes, look for a concealer that is tacky rather than creamy since it will stay on your face better.  In addition, do not try to powder away any shine you see as it will only make the face look caked and horrid.  Instead, make sure you have blotter paper so you can blot the shine away just like they did in my grandmothers time. Blotting papers remove the shine without disturbing your makeup.  For best results, wrap a piece of blotting paper around a dry powder puff for more control.

If you want to wear eye shadow and liner so it lasts longer there are two different methods you can use.  One is to apply an eyeshadow primer under it all or apply a layer of cream eyeshadow with a layer of powdered eyeshadow on top. To finish the look, apply a sheer or tinted lipstick while avoiding anything too glossy or shiny. Now if you want to ensure your makeup stays in place, finish the whole look off with a makeup setting spray but be careful.  These types of spray keep your makeup on for up to 16 hours so it takes a bit of elbow grease to get your makeup off at night.

So now you know how to wear makeup in extreme heat.  Remember, you can wear a lighter look with just a bit of tinted foundation, sunscreen, eyes, and a bit of color on the lips but no matter what, begin with a freshly cleaned face.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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