Friday, June 10, 2022

The Top Colors Of Summer

Every season or so, fashion houses release new styles and new colors. This summer, there are six colors one should include to be on top of things.  Some of the colors are beautifully bright while others are more subdued.  The colors can be incorporated into the wardrobe you already have by wearing a scarf, buying a new blouse, or pants.  You don't have to buy everything new.

The first color to look at is yellow but not just any yellow. Although the use of a pale, buttery yellow is still being used, the bright sunshine yellows are gaining popularity but it's not a highlighter yellow.  If you add the bright yellow in via a scarf, or shoes, it will pop out, drawing people's attention.  On the other hand, if you prefer more attention, buy a suit or dress in the color. People often feel that yellow is a difficult color to wear but if you find a shade that goes with your skin tone, you'll look great.  If you have cool undertones, look at a daffodil, lemon, or super bright yellow but if you have warm undertones, look more at a goldenrod, buttercup, or honey shades.

Next, check out a pale purple such as lilac, periwinkle, or lavender.  Since it is a pale shade, it won't pop in the same way as brighter colors so look at using more of the color in a midi dress, large tote bag, or a long sleeved blouse or do a whole outfit from head to toe in a pale purple. 

The third color to check out is a bright lime shade that is close to a neon green. This is such a bright color, one should only wear it if you like standing out in a crowd.  Match the lime shade pieces of clothing with neutral shades so it doesn't overwhelm you or match it up with pastels and paler shades for a more subdued look.

Of course, the bright barbie pink is still a popular shade.  This popular color is one that flatters more people and is an easy shade to wear. This is a shade that could be worn as a maxi dress, a wide legged pair of trousers, or it can be used as a pop of color via a small handbag, or summer sandals. It is a color that makes people smile.

Next, look at a sunset orange. This shade enhances your summer glow without needing to use extra bronzer.  This orange is not horrible.  The best way to wear it is to pair it with white so you get more of a creamsicle look. In addition, this shade looks good with so many other shades, including the trending colors of summer.  Think about using it as a bit of color with the rest of the outfit to catch the eye.

Finally, there is Kelly green which is a bold color but a bit easier to wear than lime green. It is also a more flattering color for a wider range of skin tones than the lime.  Although it looks great paired with blues, purples, and pinks, it is best paired with the more neutral shades such as white, black, or beige.  To stand out wear a Kelly green maxi dress and coat.  

So if you are updating your wardrobe for summer, look at bright sunny yellow, pale purple, barbie pink, lime or Kelly green, and sunset orange.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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