Sunday, November 8, 2015


Earth, Traces, Tires, Fingerprints, MudI left Hawaii, Friday night, heading home after a great week there both working and taking some down time.  I left a beautifully warm climate and arrived back to a place where there was a bit of snow left on the ground that intermingled with mud.  Lots of mud. 

I took tons of pictures, brought back some dried mango, dried seed, macadamia nuts and sarongs so when I get tired of winter, of mud, of snow, of the cold, I can give me a day away.

I can hook my computer to a screen and put up pictures of Hawaii, add some background Hawaiian music, have some Hawaiian Food and lay out a large beach towel in the middle of the room.  I can give myself an illusion of escaping.   

Some folks can just pick up and move to a place they want to be but for many of us working stiffs, we are not in a position quite yet.  I'm not ready to just quit and head off to try to make it blogging, or through a business or whatever without setting up the groundwork so I'm working for a couple more years while I do that.  Until then, I will make due with my virtual/pretend paradise. 

I brought back enough goodies to share with folks who do not otherwise have access to some of the things I brought back.  It fun to watch the reactions of people who have their first taste of ling hing mui, Saki Ikat (dried prepared squid), dried cherry seed and macadamia nut kisses.  Tomorrow is when I share and that is going to be fun.  Sometimes its not about being in paradise but sharing things from paradise.

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