Friday, November 13, 2015


Wafers, Chocolates, Cream, Biscuits  Today was my chocolate day.  I started with Nutella spread all over a toasted bagel. Yes I know it is not the most nutritious thing out there.    If I remember correctly, someone sued over the commercial because it implied that nutella was healthier than it actually is. 

If you every read the ingredients you would see the first two ingredients are sugar and palm oil so of course its not healthy but they have to create ads that appeal to us, that make us want to buy something.  That is the purpose of ads. 

Then this afternoon they were trying out the ice cream machine so I had a mixed chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream cone made of non-dairy mix.  It may not be real ice cream but it was good.  I think I read somewhere that they eat a lot of ice cream in the north even in the winter. 

I am the first one to admit that I am addicted to chocolate.  I love delicious mouthwatering chocolate spreads on bagels, in breads, or straight.  I adore chocolate ice cream, chocolate peanut butter ice cream, tin roof sundae, dark chocolate crunch, any ice cream with chocolate as long as it doesn't have coffee in it.

I love cookies that are dipped in chocolate, chocolate cookies, chocolate chip, chocolate swirl, chocolate macadamia nuts, chocolate, chocolate chocolate.  Yum.  Now for all the chocolate I like, I don't like death by chocolate because it is way too much chocolate. 

I've also discovered that if I eat dark chocolate, I can eat one piece and I"m fine but if its milk chocolate, I can't eat just one.  I have to eat more and more and more.  So what I am I going to do?  I'm heading off to eat chocolate macadamia cookies dipped in chocolate.  Yeah!  ummmmmm good!

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