Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Unusual Competition!

Moon, Night, Full Moon, AstronomyI am wondering if there is a full moon out.  Everyone seems crazy.  I looked out my front window and noticed the lake is starting to freeze over but it is a very light layer except along the edge where its so shallow, it will freeze first. 

There is a competition  among the under 18 crowd to be the first one to walk across the lake.  Even the little ones try to do it.  The little ones are told not to but they want to follow the older ones whom they idolize.  More on this tomorrow.

Now back to being crazy.  Its strange watching people who are normally really nice and awesome to suddenly turn into growling strangers who make you wonder if you really knew them.  I think its more like people have been under stress recently and that can change personalities.  For me, I love watching water move.  It helps me relax but with the lake freezing, I don't have that option.  However, I accidentally shot some video at the aquarium so I have a few seconds of fish swimming around that I could hook together, put on a loop and play when I need the soothing video to help me relax. 

I've had this camera for a couple years and I'm still learning to use it.  I can turn the flash on and off, take the pictures but I need to download the blasted manual so I can figure out what is going on with the camera when it goes crazy.

<grins>  I'm off to watch my videos of fish before I head back to work.

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