Friday, November 6, 2015

New Discoveries

Every time I visit Honolulu I go through the aquarium because I love watching all the creatures swim under the ocean.  Its very very soothing and I always feel recharged but it is hard taking pictures of things while listening to the hand set as its lodged between your ear and your shoulder.  I don't think I"ll do that again.

I ran across these guys.  I didn't write down the full name but its a frog fish of some sort.  They remind me of something you might see on a comic strip or in an animated movie.  I laughed when I saw these guys huddled on the rock, just hanging. 

Then there is the Brain Coral which sends out
spores at night only once a year to reproduce.  I did a quick check on the internet and found out that the Brain Coral is the name of coral in two different families who help build the reefs.  Imagine, a type of coral that only sends out spores at night and only one time a year!  It also looks like a creature who could have stepped out of the movies, perhaps a horror film?
Brain Coral

Another creature who turns from blah to beautiful if you can see them underwater are certain types of jelly fish.  I absolutely love watching them move underwater, almost like graceful rippling butterflies.  I lucked out and got a picture of one fully opened so you see the inner beauty as almost a framed flower.
 They are so graceful as they move and make me feel like such a klutz when I see them.  I managed to get a perfect shot as it moved through the water.  There are many different types of jellyfish and I got a few pictures that turned out.  I am not very good at taking pictures of moving creatures.  

I have more to share tomorrow.  I'm traveling back tonight and I am not ready to leave.  It has been great for me to be away from work, just presenting and having time off.  It was great being able to do what I wanted, when I wanted.  Just means, I have to get a few things up and running so I can work from home and quit my job.  Yeah.

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