Monday, November 9, 2015

Not Good!

Flood, Fields, Pasture Trees, Water Last night, the winds started.  Not just regular winds but gale force that often blow snow across the landscape creating a blizzard but there was no snow around to blow.  Instead, garbage cans, brooms, and anything not mailed down was swept around the place.  One plastic garbage can was whisked off the porch and deposited under the house while the other one was caught in the rungs of the railing.

The wind was strong enough to rock the houses while trying to rip the roofing off.  It was almost like sleeping in a rocking chair that creaked and groaned and threatened to leave its pilings to go flying with the wind, much like Dorthy's house in the Wizard of Oz. 

In addition, the slough was flooded and water spread out across the low land, moving boats and anything not nailed down.  It looked almost like an ocean.  Fortunately, all the houses are build up above and no one got flooded but the airport at the next town over ended up under water.  The airport is next to the ocean so the wind caused higher than normal tides and the water washed up onto the airport.  Nothing flew in or out today.

At one point, it began snowing but the flakes were pushed this way by the wind.  As the day passed, the wind started calming down and it became almost normal.  A couple of my neighbors lost heat last night and the lake is beginning to acquire a rough layer of ice along one side.  I am hoping it won't be long till the lake freezes completely but it might be another week or two before it happens. 

Tomorrow will hopefully be calmer and nicer but its hard to tell. I'll let you now tomorrow night.  I'm off to watch Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries a wonderful series based in the late 1920's and full of wonderful humor. 

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