Sunday, November 1, 2015

Just In Time.

Dracula, Halloween, Automobile, BlackAfter a long day and a long plane ride, I arrived in Honolulu just in time for the Halloween celebrations.   I am not talking a bit of door to door trick or treating, I am talking about a huge multi-block party that went from restaurant, to store, to hotels to the middle of the sidewalk.

The shuttle driver explained that they had to take a different route to Waikiki than usual because of the party that was happening.  He wasn't kidding.  The closer we got to Waikiki and the Honolulu Zoo, the more snarled traffic became.  No one was moving much at all.  I saw all sorts of costumed people congregating on the side walk in groups.  It was slow going because the driver was following side streets not much wider than alleys and people would suddenly head out into the street.

The hotel even got into the spirit.  There was this cute stuffed bat over check-in.  A autonomic old dracula with a bowl of candy.  Every time you  got to close, it would ask you if you wanted candy.  The lobby was filled with people who were both costumed and in regular clothing.  The desk clerk looked like Mrs Adams of the Adams family. 

I checked in and headed for the room.  I didn't come down again as I was tired and just didn't feel social.  Thing is, I stay at an older hotel that I love because it has kitchenettes and they make you feel like family. My room doesn't have air conditioning and I keep the windows open to let the breeze come in.  Well last night got a bit loud with people cackling like Hyenas, people crushing things and the once an hour police sirens wailing through the night.

Honestly, its not that loud usually and tonight should be better.  I got up early this morning, took a lovely walk, picked up a bit of fresh fruit and had a lovely breakfast.  I got some cinnamon raisin sweet bread for breakfast and it is so good straight out of the bag with nothing on it.  I'm off to get some things done but enjoy your first day of November. 

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