Wednesday, June 15, 2016

11 More Strange Flavors of Soda Pop

Bottle, Coke, Drink, Soda  Yesterday I looked at unusual flavors that could be found in the United States, but what about flavors that fall under the category of just down right strange. It is interesting to see what odd flavors are found around the world and even in the united states.

I know someone who loves those Milk Sodas from Japan.  Yes, they have milk in them and are opaque.  They don't taste bad but they still have more sugar than I like.  I admit that most of the flavors on the list do not appeal to me but I'm sure there are people out there who will find some of these flavors to be quite appealing. 

Now for the list.

1. Curry Soda - created in Japan.

2. Cucumber Soda - made in Japan but may not be available now.

3. Black Garlic Soda from Switzerland.  It has the flavor without the smell.

4. Onion Soda from Korea is marketed as a being good for your health.

5. White Fungus Birds Nest Soda is from Vietnam. 

6. Celery Flavored Soda from the United States.

7. Turkey and Gravy Soda from the United States.  I wonder if this is drunk on Thanksgiving with the meal?

9. Brussel Sprouts Soda - Is this a way to get kids to drink their veggies?

10. Red Bean Flavored Pepsi - From Japan.

11. Cannibis Soda Pop - From where else?  Another name for this line is California Pot Pop.

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