Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ways To Travel

 If you are ever in Waikiki, there are tons of places that rent all sorts of transportation from cars to motorcycles to bicycles.  The other day, I went over to get breakfast and found this really neat motorized vehicle parked in front of the restaurant. 

It looks like a motorized tricycle with a small body over the three wheel chassis.  I have no idea what the top speed is but I can say with full certainty that if it rains, the people are going to get wet.

My mother described it as cute.  Personally, I call it a possible accordion because if it got hit by anything bigger, it will crumble.   My father laughed when he caught site of it.

For going out to see, people enjoy going out on the ocean, the outrigger is a good choice.  It is traditional and gives you a workout, especially if you go out at high tide. 

The other weekend it was really crowded out on the ocean with the surfers, the outriggers, the catamarans, and the swimmers.  The only thing missing were all the paragliders.

These outriggers are parked on the beach in front of the Royal Hawaiian Village.

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  1. I think I would give the three wheeler a miss, it looks like it would tip over easy. It might be fun until a mishap.

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