Sunday, June 12, 2016


Entrance to the museum.
I adore visiting museums because there are so many out there filled with everything from history to culture to science.  When I visit a place I try to check out some of the local museums.  In Hawaii, a good one to check out is the Bishop Museum, named after the man who founded it and who was the husband to one of the royal princesses.

The museum has displays that cover everything from Hawaiian and Polynesian history and culture to science.  The museum has its own planetarium where they have all sorts of shows.  I saw one years ago about how the stars have changed since Galileo's time to now.  They also have a science exploratory place had a series of mural on tsunami's, various skeletons, volcanoes and more.  I love seeing that one.

Here are a few pictures taken of various displays.

Polynesian boats


Polynesian Model Boat


Kangaroo Skeleton

When I visit, I always plan to spend the day there because they always have so much to see.  One year, they had a visiting dinosaur exhibit that I had to go visit.  Although it was designed for children, I had to experience and enjoy it.  If you get over there, so check it out.

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