Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gross Alcoholic Drinks

A Glass Of Wine, Wine, Alcohol, Glass  Many people enjoy a nice glass of wine with their meal, a beer when they are watching a football game on the television, or a shot of scotch to celebrate Robert Burns birthday.  Most of the wine, beer, or scotch is very mundane but there are a few varieties out there that grossed me out just looking at them.

I suppose some of these are no worse than the worm in the bottom of your bottle of tequila but personally some of these are way grosser than that worm.  Just to be up front, I don't drink wine, beer, scotch or other alcoholic beverage but everyone else in the family does.  I've never liked the flavor of it.

I stumbled across these drinks while researching weird drinks in general.  I did not include the flavored beers from yesterday.  These are ones that are so far out you'd never know about them. I realize that many of these are appreciated by others but not me.  So on to the list of drinks.

1. Snake, scorpion, and lizard wine.  Its a wine with all three creatures in the wine.

2.Vermont White Vodka distilled from milk, sugar, and water.

3. Rice wine with baby mice in the bottle.

4. Mekong River  Eel wine has ginseng, herbs, and eels in the wine.

5. Reindeer Horn Whiskey is a Laotian white whiskey flavored that is fermented over a year and infused with reindeer horn and herbs.

6. Giant Centipede Whiskey, a nice clear whiskey with a giant centipede in it.

7. Sea Gull wine a home made variety of wine made from dead sea gull and water fermented till done.

8. Scorpion vodka with a farm raised edible Chinese scorpion.

9.  Ttongsul which is a Korean wine made out of fermented poop from young children. 

10.  Squirrel Beer which is a dead stuffed squirrel with a bottle of beer in its body with the head in its mouth.  It is 55% alcohol and costs over $700 per bottle.

11. Thai Spider Whiskey - A clear whiskey infused with spider and has a spider in it.

I will admit that none of these appeal to me.  They are strange and not my cup of tea.

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