Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Magic Number - 10,000

I don't like "exercising".  I am not going to spend hours at the gym huffing and puffing because the closest gym is a couple hours away from the gym.  Instead, I try to take 10,000 steps every day.  10,000 steps is the magic number.  So many walking videos and articles I read state you should take 10,000 steps per day.  Do I make it?  Not every day but I try.

Running Shoe, Luminous, Bright, YellowThis goal makes me choose ways to walk just a bit more so  I rack up the steps.  At work I walk over to someones office rather than call.   The other night, I walked over to the gas station to pick up some ice cream but I "forgot" my money.  Yes, I purposely forgot my money but it was such a lovely night that it was enjoyable.

Another way to up the steps is to park in the back of the lot or in the middle of an area so you walk to the various stores rather than moving the car each time.  Saturday, I parked over at Walmart before shopping there, then I walked over past Lowes to Barns and Nobel where I checked out some books on mathematics and programming before stopping at AT&T to learn more about breakeven points.  When I finished, I headed back to the car. 

Earlier on Saturday, I visited the local farmers market.  While I stood in line there was a nurse behind me who had just gotten off of duty.  We spoke of health and fitness and we compared notes on our goals.  She uses an app on her phone to track steps while I use a simple inexpensive pedometer.

If I'm at a multilevel shopping mall or building I'll often take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator.  No, I don't do stairs for more than two or possibly three stories but its a good way to get some aerobics in without much effort and contributes to the 10,000 steps per day.  I would love to say that I spring up the stairs but the reality is I climb them at a steady pace.  I'm always afraid I'll fall flat on my face if I try to go too fast.

Think about it.  You only have to do the 10,000 steps over your whole day.  If you work out at the gym, you might make your goal in one hour.  If you don't, it might take take you longer.  My trip to the farmers market, grocery store, bookstore, Walmart, and the phone place racked up almost 5000 steps.  That was half my goal!  Just from running errands.  The other half was earned by taking a walk to the gas station from my house.

Remember you don't have to live in the gym to stay healthy.  The only thing I do through the day is make sure that when I walk a distance, I do it briskly so I can get my heart pumping some.  Just to let you know, I got a small pedometer for around $20.00 from REI.  In addition, I went through a drug store that had a clearance on some fitness stuff including a walking kit with weighted gloves and a pedometer.  Got it all for about $4.00.

If you aren't able to do 10,000 steps at first, set a smaller goal like 2000 steps to start with and work you way up.  The idea is just to move and keep moving. To quote Nike "Just Do It!"

Have a good day.


  1. I like this post, it is my sort of workout. My problem is that I go walking, sometimes on steep hills, everyday. That is all in one hour, what I need to do is stay active for the other 15 hours. I should get a pedometer like you.

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  2. I bike a few days a week and the pedometer does not keep track of that so I just figure I'm getting some movement in. I try to spread it out.