Friday, July 28, 2017

A Quick View of Fairbanks.

 Welcome to Fairbanks, Alaska.  I captured some photos from the truck as I drove from a mini-storage to my house.  I grabbed a few shots so you can see the part of town, closest to where I live.

This building is of a really nice restaurant called Wolfs Run.  Its off on a side street near the intersection of the Johannson parkway, University, and Geist. 

I've eaten there before with family members.  I had a lovely middle eastern dish and enjoyed it.
This is a shot of the actual intersection. The restaurant is to my left.  To get there, I'd have to turn left, then left again less than a half a block down.  It is easier to come from Airport because its then a right turn.

Across the street on the left is the local Wells Fargo bank.  Ahead on the right are two schools, one is vocational while the other is the high school for the west side of town.

If you turn right at the traffic light, you'll head to college road which is the road that goes in front of the Farmers Market.  At this light I go straight.
 About half a block down on the left is a McDonalds.  I think it might be the only one left but I'm not sure because I don't usually eat there.

Its next to the West Valley Plaza with a branch of my bank, a great coffee shop, and a Japanese Steak House.  The Japanese Steak House is where the Pizza Hut used to be.

On the right side of the street, you are still passing the two schools and getting close to the old entrance for the university.
 This is a shot of the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.  The building to the left most is the Geophysical building which conducts tours in the summer.

The long white building is Butrovich which houses the super computers and administration offices.  I got a chance to check out the computers and they are awesome. 

The shot is taken from Geist as I'm heading for the exit to the Parks Highway which goes down to Anchorage. 

This is still part of the university but its around the corner on the ramp between Geist and the Parks Highway.

This part of the university is the agricultural side where they raise plants, reindeer, and have the botanical garden.  You see parts of the botanical garden in the distance.

For all the time I've lived here, I have yet to see the botanical garden but its considered a beautiful place to go.
When I first moved to Fairbanks, years ago, this was a working gas station.  It went out of business shortly there after and they had to dig up the tanks.

It's been used as a garage on and off since then.  It was an operating garage a couple years ago but has since gone out of business.  I think at one point someone had it set up so people could go there and do their own automotive work.

I thought it was open earlier this summer but I think I made a mistake.
 This is a half way house for people who have drug issues.  Its between the Water Wagon place, the distillery, and another gas station.

Much of Fairbanks is dry which means houses do not have running water but do have holding tanks, so Water Wagon delivers water to such places. 

The distillery took over the old Art Annex place near the window manufacturing place. They make triple pane windows.

This gas station used to be the last one before Nenana which is about 50 miles away but someone built a station on the corner of my turn. They offer 10 cents off a gallon on Friday's but I've heard that is only if you pay cash. 

Right across the highway is the Blue Loon Saloon. The establishment sponsors concerts and movies that are so well attended, they run out of parking and traffic is a pain.
 I have just turned off the highway, heading for my house.  You see the local volunteer fire department but they do pay one person to live in the facility and care for it.

Every June, they sponsor a community garage sale so people can get rid of items they do not need.  In exchange for providing space (they remove all the trucks from the bays) people give them 10% of the money they make.

Its a fundraiser for the fire department.
 This is the community park which is also run by volunteers.  They have swings, a basketball/ice rink/bike place, bathrooms, and a place for concerts in the back. 

The community park is between the fire department and my house.  There used to be this great line of trees between my house and the park but they took them out to provide more parking for when they sponsor concerts.
This is the view of the road just before I turn into my yard.  If you continue down the road another 1/2 mile or so, you'll find the turnoff for the Post Office, bar, jewelry designer, more houses for the town.

The area was founded when gold was discovered.  My house is built on the rocks left over from all the mining so I do not have much if any dirt.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  As you read this, I'm attending and presenting at a conference in Los Angeles.  I hope to have some pictures to post of that event, early next week.  I get back for less than 24 hours and by Tuesday of next week, I'm on my way to Europe for a short visit, just under 2 weeks.  I'll be visiting Iceland, Finland, and I'm looking at taking a short trip across the water to visit Estonia.

Let me know what you think.  have a great day.

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