Friday, July 14, 2017

My Sister.

sorry about not posting yesterday but I am visiting my family and every time I sat down to work, someone visited or called.  One call I did not mind because it was from my sister.  My sister is battling her second type of cancer so I was thrilled to hear from her.

Several years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She went through the standard treatments and after a while, to all appearances, she beat it and went into remission. 

Time passes and one day her back started hurting so badly she went to the doctors only to find out she had cancer in her lower spine.  The cancer was in the bone and had weakened her spine so in essence, she had broken her back.

She immediately started treatment to fight it.  It has not been an easy fight, nor has it been fun but throughout the whole thing she has had a good sense of humor and been extremely optimistic.  During her bout with breast cancer, she managed to work through all the treatment but for this one, her company let her go and she is on disability.

In so many ways it is so much easier not working because she can concentrate on her health and her recovery.  She has also been lucky to have great doctors who got her into one program or another.  As of yesterday, she said her markers have drastically dropped and there is a possibility that in two months, she will be in remission.

The breast cancer wasn't bad but this second bout has been so much harder because she's had to fight it trying to spread to the brain, to her liver, and to other parts of her body. She is determined to beat it so she has not ever given up. 

Every time I spoke to her, she'd make comments like "If this doesn't work, there are 598 other treatments left." or "You know, this one is coming along but I heard there is a new one that is a real possibility if this doesn't work."  Throughout it all, she is so positive about overcoming and conquering the invader.

When ever I visit Hawaii, I try to buy her some treats since she can't travel there right now.  We spent some of our childhood there and have fond memories.  I've even had carried a dozen malasadas home so she could enjoy them.  This time, I have flavored macadamia nuts and chocolate covered macadamia nuts.  I didn't come straight here.

Once she beats this, I'm hoping to convince her to come spend a week with me in Hawaii.  I plan to treat her to first class for the trip over and back, pay for a room for the two of us so we can have fun and enjoy some time just soaking up the sun. 

I'll let you know if that comes to pass.  I hope everyone has a good day and a great weekend.  Let me now what you think.

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