Monday, July 17, 2017

San Juan, Puerto Rico Airport.

 I took a bunch of pictures of the San Juan airport as I left because I was too tired when I arrived.  I just wanted to get to my hotel so I could sleep.

This picture is taken looking back at security at the airport.  It wasn't a bad time to go through and I got through rather quickly.  I always arrive a few hours early so I can take my time and don't have to rush. 

I have been in the security line when someone rushed through and they had to shut everything down for 30 to 45 min.  I still had a lot of time when I finally got through.
 When you finish with security you end up in this huge shopping area filled with chocolate, liquor, and other luxury items.  As you can see, this area carries brand names of alcohol.  I didn't compare prices on the liquor because I have no idea normal prices but I checked out the chocolates and they seemed a bit high.

I don't think one has to worry about duty because Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States.  I do know, most items sold there are in metric not in standard so the chocolate was in smaller packages.

In addition to alcohol and chocolate, you'll find cigarettes, toys and just about anything else you can think of.  For the impulsive shopper, it is heaven.  I am not an impulsive buyer for any of these things. 

The way this was put together, it was like going through a Mideastern souk filled with small shops, each with something designed to entice humans to buy.  I do not like making my way through a sea of humanity.

As you head away from security and the souk, you don't have to go far before you run into another shop filled with more items to entice the tourist. 

It felt as if there was a small shop "El Market" to pick up that last minute item.  I stumbled across a Starbucks which had the normal menu but the sizes are smaller.  Their largest size was 500 ml which is a bit smaller than the usual 20 ounce size.

The Starbucks enticed me but not any of the stores.

In addition, slot machines were sprinkled between gates at the airport.  As you come off the planes, the first thing you see are the slot machines and of course they are the last thing you see as you leave.

The machines remind me of the airport in Reno, Nevada which also has them available for people who want to gamble.

In a sense, the airport is much more enticing than many other airports I have traveled through.  I have seen quite a few airports this summer and still have the Seattle, Burbank, Dulles, and a couple other airports to go.  I'll let you know if any of the art work has changed at the Seattle Airport as I'll be going through that in the next couple of days.

I hope you have a good day.  Let me know what you think.

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