Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Additions To Sea-Tac Airport.

 I have a habit of wandering around airports to explore and let go of my extra energy.  One thing about the Sea-Tac Airport is it has been changing and expanding over the past year. 

Some of these may have been there for a while without being notice by me but others are defiantly new or in the process of being built.

Coach is a name brand bag place.  Its at the corner of the C concourse as you head towards the center.  
 Just around the corner, next to Coach is a Mac make up store.  I recognize the brand because friends of mine use the brand.  In addition, I knew a couple of makeup artists who have talked about this brand too.

When I snapped the picture one of the clerks was doing a makeover on a woman while others looked around.  Its a nice clean store with minimal decoration.
 This is a play ground for little kids below a certain height.  The parents must stay in the room with the kids but this is great because it provides a place for the little ones to get rid of their energy. 

It was filled with both parents and kids.  This was not here, the last time I wondered down this way.  I can also tell you that the pet rest area is still there and has not been moved so people can still walk their dogs.

This is the sign found in front of the play area.  Note the first thing it says.  If the child is taller than the red line at the top, they cannot go in an play. 

Parents are expected to watch them.  This activity was not there the last time I walked down to the A concourse.  I think it may have been under construction when I wandered that way.
 This is another new business in the A concourse.  The African Lounge which has hanging zebra light shades over small tables near the bar.  It reminds me of something you'd find at Disneyland or at a pseudo African bar.

It was fun to check out.  It has a seating area to the left of the bar.  The bar is hidden in the right corner of the establishment.
 This is a nice picture of the lights and tables in the African Lounge with the bar off in the corner next to the television screen to the right.

The yellow lights make the bar a bit dimmer than it might otherwise appear but some people prefer the darker rooms if its a bar.

If you go past the lounge, you'll find the currency exchange place on the way to the S terminal.  I've never been to the S terminal.  I might explore it one day when I have more time.
 The final stop is the Floret restaurant advertising vegetarian fare.  You can get something to eat if you are vegetarian at other restaurants but it is the first one I've seen dedicated to serving only vegetarian food.

It is not open yet but hopefully it will be open when I come through again in August. I can hardly wait to try it.  If I'm lucky, they will offer those wonderful bowls that are now all the rage.

This picture is off the wall blocking off the new restaurant and its at the beginning of the A concourse.  Not to far a walk unless you land in the N terminal.

I hope you enjoyed that quick tour of some of the new things at Sea Tac Airport.  Let me know what you think and tomorrow I'll be looking at those wonderful inventions you saw in Star Trek but are now real.  Have a good day.

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