Monday, March 2, 2020

Fashion Trends of 2020

Girl, Fashion, Makeup, Beauty, Model When I was growing up, I remember my father commenting that fashions cycle.  In other words, a style that was popular in the 1920's might reappear in the 1960's with a fresh twist but the basic line was the same.

It appears there are elements of styles from the 1960's 70's and 80's making a comeback in this year with a twist to make them modern.

From the 1960's we will see psychedelic floral patterned materials to give them a cool look.  The floral patterns are being made with bright, vibrant colors and the edges are smudges so the flowers look more abstract.  If you look at pictures of fashion from the swinging scene of the 1960's, you'll see psychedelic patterns showing up in everything from daily dresses to airline uniforms.

In addition, straw bags are making a come back.  They are considered the perfect match up with jeans and tank tops during the summer so you'll see them worn everywhere rather than just remaining in the beach.  You'll also see crocheted pieces showing up in everything from beach wear to being worn over t-shirts.  I saw several brand name Australian bathing suits made out of crochet so they had that retro look.  Just one piece of advice, please make sure your crocheted piece is lined so nothing peaks out for the public to see.

Fast forwarding to the 1970's, the denim skirt is back in fashion matched up with knee high boots, t-shirts covered by a regular button down shirt.  You might want to check a relative's closet to see if they have any denim skirts in their closet you can steal.  Furthermore, denim jeans have moved to being more flared than they have been recently.

Collars have become larger and more pointed to show better over the layers of sweaters and jackets.  In stead of wearing the regular t-shirt, replace them with the skinny ribbed shirts that are more fitted and look so much sleeker.  These ribbed shirts often have contrasting collars or details creating a statement about the wearer. To complete this outfit, look for bags that are retro in nature with geometric cutouts, suede, stripes, or woven.

From the 1980's they are grabbing some of the more flashy elements.  Combine polka-dots with solids or mix the polka dots with stripes or even zebra stripes depending on how daring you are.  In addition, suits have that flowing look rather than being formal and stiff.  The suits are large and not fitted.  Rather than wearing a button down dress shirt, wear a t-shirt and finish the suit off with a pair of sneakers to complete the relaxed look. One last change for fashion is adding in micro mini's and hot pants for those hot summer nights.

Remember, these are the trends seen in the most famous fashion shows but you can take the basic trends and make them yours.  In regard to the polka dots, look for something that is you and match it to the solid colored pants or skirt to make your statement.  I seldom like the fashions I see on the walkway but I do mix and match things to create the look I like.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear. Have a great day.

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