Friday, March 20, 2020

Traveling Without Leaving The House Including Photos.

Right now, the government has closed down restaurants, events, and even travel.  Italy has totally closed it borders while many countries have instituted a 14 day self isolation rule if you arrive from another country.  I decided I could still go places without leaving my living room.

I had someone take my picture in front of a green piece of cloth.  I actually had three pictures taken, one in a sweater, one in a t-shirt, and one in a tank top.  I then hopped over to to find photos of things I wanted as the background.  The photo you see in the above photo is of a temple in Indonesia.  I used iMovie to combine the two, added a title, and then took a screen shot.  At the end, I had a neat travel photos as if I'd actually been there.  This is really the best one I made.

This photo uses a background from Paris.  It's the Montmarte path and I used the picture of me with a sweater because it looks like fall and perfect for the photo.  Yes, my forehead is cut off but that is normal when my mother takes pictures so I figure it looks quite normal.

This is the final shot with a background of a volcanic eruption.  The shadow you see on my body is from the person who took my photo against the green cloth I hung over a wind.  Although, my head is cut off, I really enjoy it a lot.  I plan to try a few more and maybe I'll include them.

I want to go to so many places but with things the way they are, who knows what the future will bring.  In the meantime, I can travel in my mind and have a blast creating fake photos.  I am supposed to visit Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji this summer but I don't know if I'll be able to go.  So I"ll have fun in my imagination with these photos.

If you want to create your own photos, just follow the simple steps.
1.  Take a digital photo of yourself against something green.  It could be green cloth, or green paper, or even a green sheet.  Take a variety of photos, make sure you are in the middle of the frame.

2.  Open iMovie.

3.  Lay down the background by importing the background photo you want.

4.  Import the photo of yourself against the green background.  

5. Click on the two rectangles in the upper right quadrant.  This should bring a list down and you'll select green/blue screen to meld the two

6.  Add a title in the lower area.

7.  Start the video and pause it.

8.  Snap a screen shot of it and you are set.

I hope you have fun making your own travel photos.  You can do the same thing using the iMovie app.  The only difference is when you choose a photo, you'll see a + and ....  If you click on the ... you'll get a list of things including the green/blue screen and continue.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great weekend.

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