Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Which Shampoo Is The Best For You

Choices, choices, and more choices.  It's hard to know which type of shampoo to use when you see so many choices in the store.  It is important to know that shampoo is designed to cleanse both your hair and your scalp. of dirt, oil, and any product buildup.  Since the shampoo is for the hair and scalp, the conditioner is for the ends of your hair.

If you ever pay attention to the shampoos found in the store, you'll notice they fall into one of seven types.  The first type is the regular shampoo which is designed for those of us who don't have specific needs.  A regular shampoo is designed to clean the normal hair oils from your hair without stripping it.

Next is the everyday shampoo which is something you'd use if your hair is quite oily or you need to wash it almost everyday.  This shampoo is formulated to have fewer surfactants than a normal shampoo so it is milder. In addition, it can have less soap and a few conditioning ingredients.

Then you have a clarifying shampoo which is the one you'd choose if you use a lot of styling products on your hair. This one deep cleans the hair to get rid of product buildup, but it can be extremely harsh so followup with a good conditioner.  This shampoo should not be used more than once a week because it strips buildup and oils so well from the scalp.

If you have long hair or your hair is damaged, you might want to use an anti-breakage shampoo.  Anti-breakage shampoos are designed to gently clean the hair while creating a glossy finish.  In addition, anti-breakage shampoos help restore the ph balance while repairing damage to the hair.  In the end, this type of shampoo cuts down on the amount of frizz you experience so you have healthier hair.

On the other hand, a purifying shampoo focuses more on cleaning the scalp. Purifying shampoo tends to target dandruff because of the antimicrobial properties.  This type of shampoo often have natural ingredients such as tea tree oil or willow bark extract so it is both cleansing and soothing.

Next is a moisturizing shampoo is designed to help hydrate dryer hair so the hair becomes smoother and shinier.  In addition, it isn't only for those with dry hair, it can be used on almost any hair type except oily because the oily hair doesn't need additional moisturizing.

Finally is dry shampoo which is technically not a shampoo but is referred to as a shampoo because it absorbs extra hair oils but doesn't actually cleanse the hair.  Although dry shampoo is used to extend the time between washings, it can also lead to the buildup that leads to hurting your hair and scalp.  

If you have fine hair, look at using a volumnizing shampoo to add volume to fine thin hair. The shampoo opens the cuticle to encourage growth but the formula tends to be much lighter than a regular shampoo.  Sometimes a volumizer has keratin added to it to strengthen the whole strand of hair.

On the other hand, if you dye your hair, your hair is going to be dryer so it needs extra hydration and one needs to look at using a color treated hair shampoo.  Most people who dye their hair, watch the color fade and the hair lacks oil. The ingredients in a color-treated shampoo contains ingredients that will not strip the color off the hair so it lasts longer.  In addition, the shampoo helps keep the hair hydrated and healthy while protecting the hair from damage.

The last type of shampoo is designed for girls with curly hair.  If you have curly hair, your hair is damaged and is often frizzier.  A good curly hair shampoo with help add moisture into the hair so it is shinier and more healthy. The shampoo is made so it won't strip oils from the hair.

So next time you go shopping, look at what type of shampoo you really need so you can select the perfect shampoo for your individual situation.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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