Friday, August 20, 2021

Don't Forget To Change Your Haircare Routine For Fall


Since fall is coming and you are changing out the type of makeup you are doing, you should also look at revising your haircare routine.  Many women tend to do the same thing year round, making no allowances for the changing weather. 

The temperature changes from fall to winter can confuse your hair both in color and texture.  In many ways your hair acts much like your skin in that as fall arrives, your skin begins drying out and you hair does too.  So you need to amp up the amount of moisture you apply to your hair so you might need to add hair masks to the program or change out your shampoo and conditioner so they contain more moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba oils.

Stick to products that contain more natural ingredients because they are less likely to strip the oils from your hair in the way that alcohol and synthetic ingredients can.  Furthermore, if you color your hair, think about using a darker shade because the sun kissed glow and highlights you wore during the summer will fade due to the decreased amount of sun.  If you use a darker color, it tends to smooth over the transition while evening out the hair.

Think about adding a volumizer to your routine because as the temperature cools down, the amount of humidity in the air tends to decrease. Unfortunately, the decreased amount of humidity can lead to flatter hair so using a volumizer can get rid of the flat look.  In addition, indoor heating can suck the moisture from your hair leaving it dry and brittle. Keep your hair and scalp moisturized by using a good hair mask at least once a week.

Dropping temperatures also signal the increased use of various hair tools such as curling irons and blow dryers.  It is important to use a thermal protectant before using these tools otherwise, the amount of dryness, breakage, and split ends increases due to the heat.When you buy a thermal protectant, decide if you want one that works on wet or dry hair based on what you need most.

In addition, look at using a leave-in conditioner because the dry and cold weather can break the sulfide bonds that keep the hair together. When the bonds break, the hair becomes straighter while the hair roots become damaged which leads to breakage. Don't forget the scalp. The cooler temperatures can increase the amount of dandruff you experience. As a result of increased people tend to wash their hair less which is not good for the health of your hair.  One thing to do is to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to eliminate buildup on the scalp but if you've colored your hair, skip the clarifying shampoo because it can strip the color from your hair.

Consider using a scalp exfoliate to help get rid of build up and then apply a scalp mask to improve the condition of the scalp.  No matter what, make sure you adjust your hair care routine to take into account all the changes that happen as the temperatures drop.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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