Monday, August 2, 2021

How To Apply A Fake Tan.


Years ago, when I was a teenager, we all headed down to the beach, applied oil, and hoped to end up with a beautiful tan.  This was before we accepted that exposing ourselves to the sun was not a good idea.  I know people today who still do this but I'm not one of them.  When ever, I go outside, I try hard to remember my sunscreen.  For people who don't want to expose their skins to excess UV rays,  or for those who want to keep their tan a bit loner, they can create a fake tan.

There is a way to apply self-tanning products so you don't end up with streaks or blobs.  These are the steps you can take to get a more natural looking application.  One of the first things to consider is the shade.  You don't want to go with one that is way too dark for you or you will look totally fake.  You are looking for a shade that looks natural and leaves you with a sunkissed glow.  The first step is to decide what you want.  Do you want to glow or do you want to look as if you've been outside a lot over the summer.

The next thing to realize is that this product acts differently when applied to different skins due to the DHA which is the ingredient that causes the tan.  The more DHA in a product, the more pronounced the tan will be when done.  The best shade is one that is no more than one to two darker than your natural so the tan looks natural.  In other words, if you have light skin, don't go after one that is super dark, look for something that is light to medium. It is best to get a separate product to tan your face. One last thing, be willing to pay a bit more rather than going for the cheapest self-tanners because they tend to be more orange.

Once you've purchased your self-tanner, it is time to do some prep so the tan ends up looking great.  First thing is to make sure your body is totally hairless and smooth.  If you shave, make sure you do 24 hours before applying the self-tanner so that your hair follicles are closed and you don't end up with a speckled look.

After you gotten rid of your hair, exfoliate your skin to make it even smoother.  In addition, exfoliating your skin will remove any prior tan, so that your body has an even base to apply the product to.  If you do not exfoliate, you could end up patchy results with dark splotches.  Not something you want.  Furthermore, you want to forego perfume or deodorant because they could cause issues. If you apply a fake tan over an area with deodorant, the deodorant could turn green on contact with the tanner.  Furthermore, if you apply perfume immediately after applying the fake tan, it can interfere with the development of the tan. 

Always moisturize your skin 24 hours before applying the tanning product because it acts as a barrier and can keep your tan from evenly distributing.  When you are ready to apply the self-tan, apply a very light moisturizer to elbows, knees, knuckles, between the fingers, inner wrists, ankles, and toes otherwise those areas might end up being a bit darker.  These areas often acquire a buildup and end up looking darker.

When you are ready to apply the tanning product, use a tanning mitt to keep your hands from absorbing too much product and it helps create a more even tan.  Furthermore, begin applying the self-tanner to the legs and work your way up.  The best way to use the fake tan, is to apply the solution to the base of the mitt where your lower palm is and then fold your mitt in half by closing your palm.  Save the backs of your hands and feet till the end by using what is left over on your mitt so those areas do not get too tan. 

Although the tan is usually absorbed in as little as 20 minutes but can still feel tacky for hours.  It is best to wear loose clothing to allow the tan to develop properly.  In addition, do not soak in a bath for a day or two so the tan matures.  Take a shower instead.  Finally, make sure you moisturize your tan one to two times a day to help it last longer.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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