Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Changing From Summer To Fall Makeup.


It is August which means that fall is not too far away.  In the north, it's arriving with cooler weather and pretty soon the first frost will hit.  As the days get shorter with less light one should change their make up to math the change of seasons. You should change your look just as you change your clothes from shorts and shirts to sweaters and slacks.

First thing to do is to use a color  correcting concealer because the summer may have left you with a ruddy skin - reddish in color. You want to correct the color using a green color correcting concealer. Use it sparingly so it doesn't overpower the look.

It is easy to have your skin dry out during the fall so make sure you use a good hydrating moisturizer on your skin before applying the foundation.  Be sure to choose a radiant look foundation in a creamier richer foundation,  especially if you chose to use a tinted moisturizer all summer. The radiant look foundation will add a glow to your skin so you continue the summer look but understand, fall is when your skin shade changes to the winter so you need to make sure the shade is correct.  After applying it, make sure to blend it into your skin so it looks natural. 

Continue the summer glow theme by applying highlighter and blush on your cheeks.  Choose a matted color that has cooler undertones and apply the blush to the apple of your cheeks while the highlighter is applied to the area under the cheek bones. You are not trying for the sun kissed look you wore all summer. 

After a summer of enjoying the natural look, you might want to spend a bit of time grooming your eye brows to they look more defined.  You can fill in the brows using a template so they are well defined.  Then take time to define your look for the fall.  Think about using matte and metallic eye shadows in plum, brown, cranberry, or grey to create the perfect sultry look. Finish the look around the eyes with a quick application of mascara.

For the final step, color your lips a darker fall shade that is either a matte or metallic so they blend in better with your overall look. Look at beiges, berry's, mauves, darker reds, wines, or figs. If you don't want to buy new shades, use a darker lip liner to darken the lip stick shade. 

If you've been using a self-tanner all summer, it is time to scale back on the amount you use.  Instead of using it directly on your skin, add a couple drops to your moisturizer to get a lighter tan so it looks more natural. Even though it is autumn, don't forget to use a sunscreen between the moisturizer and the foundation so you continue protecting your skin.

Don't be afraid to change your makeup with the changing of the seasons.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.  

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