Saturday, October 31, 2015

Its That Time Again

Clock, Analog, Time, Watch, Analog Clock  Its that time of year when most people mutter and swear because in most of the states you have to change the clock.  This time, its one hour back taking us off daylight time to standard time.  There are a couple places that don't do that and I think they are smart.  It is such a pain to change clocks.

My dad said that it the clocks changed for those who want that extra hour in the summer to play tennis or have that BBQ after work.  Just for socializing.  Someone else, a farmer, told me that the cows still need milking at the same time and it doesn't matter what time the clock says, it needs to be done at the same point in the 24 hour period every day.

I know Ben Franklin thought it up and I know that it gets implemented quite frequently even in winter.  Some one told me that back in the 1970's during the gas shortage, the government decided to change the clocks in the middle of the winter so people were messed up.  Folks said they were getting up in the middle of the night, instead of seeing the beginnings of down.

I hate it.  I hate these little changes.  they mess my body up for a couple of weeks.  I feel out of step and I swear every time the alarms go off until I get used to the change.  Well this is my reminder to change your clocks tonight before you go to bed, to remember your body will get used to it and you'll adjust.  In the meantime, I"ll be in a state who doesn't mess with all this and it'll be another week before I have to remember my clocks. 

The best thing about today's technology is simply that people don't have to remember to change clocks because the WiFi signals tend to update the time and the dates.  So if you use the alarm on your phone you should still be on time.

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