Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Makeup Tips For Cold Weather.


When I moved up to Alaska, I'd never lived in a cold climate so I didn't realize that wearing makeup in cold weather was different.  One extremely cold day, I got ready for work.  I applied my makeup including my mascara, put on my outer gear and headed off to work. By the time I walked two blocks to work, my eyelashes had crystals of ice stuck to them so after about 5 minutes inside the building, the ice melted and my mascara ran down my face.  I ended up looking like a clown and had to repair everything.  That was when I learned there was a difference in doing makeup for hot weather and for cold weather.

When cold weather hits, days are shorter in most places, and at the same time our skin changes due to the cold.  This means we need to change up the way we apply makeup so it looks as good when we arrive as when we left the house.  One of the first things we need to do is prep the skin because in winter our skin is exposed to heat from the central heating, severe winds, and cold, all of which can dry our skin out.  It is strongly recommended that you use a rich night cream on your skin after you've cleaned it properly at night so as to rehydrate your skin.  

Then in the morning, clean your skin again and apply a good day time skin cream to provide a layer of protection.  Never skimp on your moisturizer and do not stop at the chin.  Make sure you extend your moisturizer down the neck. The best time to moisturized is right after you clean your face.  One last thing, don't forget to use sunscreen even in winter because you can still get sunburned from the reflecting sunlight.

Due to the drying effect of the wind and cold, it is important to lightly apply your makeup to keep your skin healthy. Before you apply the foundation, use a luminous primer instead of a matte one so that your skin appears to glow from within and it adds another layer of hydration.  As for your foundation, either add a bit of moisturizer to the foundation or use a moisturizing foundation to keep your skin from drying out.  Furthermore, when you use a matte foundation, it can settle on the skin in such a way as to make your skin look patchy with an uneven finish.

 In addition, use a moisturizing lipstick to keep those lips from drying out and becoming chapped.  In the winter, you'll want stronger colored lipsticks to brighten up your face. Think about using a dark pink, red, or plum. If you decide you want to use a highlighter, make sure it is liquid so it adds some glow without being patchy.

As far as mascara, look at using the waterproof variety so that it won't smudge or run after being exposed to the cold.  In addition, our eyes tend to water when exposed to the cold or wind so waterproof mascara will ensure your mascara doesn't run with your tears. Just because it's winter, doesn't mean you can't apply a bit of blush to give your cheeks a nice look.  Ignore bronze and focus on a rosy shade so you sport a healthier, more natural look.

In winter, try not to used powdered eye shadow, blush, or face powder because it will only accentuate and encourage dryness.  In addition, the powders will make your skin look dull. This is the perfect time to switch from powders to cremes or liquid versions.  The creme and liquid versions will keep your skin softer and moisturized so your makeup looks better and more natural.  

If, at any time during the day you notice your makeup looking dry or starting to flake, grab some facial mist to rehydrate your makeup and face.  And finally, if your skin gets a reddish tinge to it, think about using green tinted makeup to counter that.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day. 

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