Friday, October 21, 2022

Winter Makeup Trends for Winter 2022-2023


Here it is October and we are heading into winter.  It's time to get out the warmer clothing and even think about changing our looks to match the season. You don't have to change your looks completely every season, instead choose one but remember, choose one you like.  So what is trending this winter season?

In just a few words, the trends for this season include glossy lips, bold blush, blue eye shadows and so much more.  Trends that will perk you and your look up during the shorter days, cooler temperatures, and the teasing sunny rays peeking in the windows.

So let's start with a bold blush.  You want to wear it high up, all the way to the temples, down over the apples of your cheeks, and along both your cheekbones and brow bones.  You want to use lots of it, so your blush is heavy and you have flushed cheeks.  Use a liquid or creme blush and finish it with powder so it stays on all day long. Make sure, you choose the proper shades for your skin tone, apply them, and blend well.

Don't forget the heavy eyeliner under the eye by using a diffused wing on top of the eye lid and an application of heavy liner under the bottom lashes. This look is especially great for New Year's Eve where you want to make a statement. The best way to accomplish the look is to use a blendable, long lasting eye matte pencil which can also be used as a lip liner, brow pencil, contour stick, and more.

Match the eyeliner with a nice blue shade.  Think about if you want the blue to blast or be softer like a periwinkle that isn't in your face but still is a beautiful blue.  For winter, think about using a gel shadow that you can apply, let dry, and get a cool look. Don't forget you can layer eye shadows so if you get a chrome or glittery one, they can be applied over the other shadow to create a sparkly look. If you aren't into blue at all or don't want to wear it at night, you can aim for a half siren, half smokey look using strongly pigmented colors to make that sexy come hither look. 

Although many of the looks are bold, think about softening your contour so that an onlooker doesn't know where the contouring starts or finishes.  Make sure the shade of your contour matches your foundation so no one can tell where the contour starts or finishes. Since it is winter, you want to choose a hydrating concealer so it blends in nicely with your skin rather than looking patchy or cakey.  Look for a concealer containing hyaluronic acid to help hydrate your skin.

If you want to wear eyeliner but don't want anything solid, consider the softer graphic winged look to match your diffused lined lips.  To get this look for the lips, begin by outlining your lips and taking time to shade in the corners of your lips.  Next, select a matte finished lipstick and apply it to the pillows of your lips.  Then use your fingers to blend the two together. As far as colors, you can choose a nice neutral color or stick with red but choose a darker red such as brick red rather than the brighter cherry red.

As far as eyelashes themselves, look at using a fluttery look created by having the longer lashes out towards the edge of the eyes. Fortunately, there are kits out there designed to help you create that look using false eyelashes that can be applied in selected areas rather than the whole eye. For evenings out, when you want that special look, add some crystals to the edge of your eyes or go for a monochromatic look from eyes to lips.  It is all up to you.

This is a quick summary of the makeup looks for winter.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.  

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