Monday, October 24, 2022

Predicted Fitness Trends For 2023


As of this month, we are almost into winter and heading for the new year.  We know that the pandemic caused some major trends that will be with us for quite a while and if you look at history, you will find that various exercises have come and gone over time.  

So what do we have to look forward to in the coming year.  The trend of working at home which became quite popular during the pandemic and it looks as if it will continue into next year.  One reason for this is that people have become more comfortable with working out at home and with the idea that it can be done at home.

Then there is the rise of boutique fitness studios.  A boutique fitness studio is a smaller studio ranging in size from 800 to 3500 square feet designed for group workouts and are focused on one or two areas of fitness.  This are more popular than the larger gyms in many areas because they offer smaller classes and a more personalized approach.  It is predicted that more boutique fitness studios will be opening during 2023.

It is expected that the use of virtual fitness classes will continue to grow over 2023.  Virtual fitness classes have been around for quite a while but have really taken off during the pandemic.  They offer people a more affordable way to workout while at home.  Virtual fitness classes are considered extremely convenient because a person can work out at any time they want to be it in the middle of the night or early in the morning and not have to rush over to the gym at a specific time.  

In addition, virtual fitness classes allow you to workout from anywhere, even when traveling or on holidays.  They also offer more choices as to the type of workout so you can change up your routine regularly.  Finally, virtual fitness classes help a person build up their self confidence, especially if they are just starting out.

Furthermore, due to technology, people are allowed to participate in virtual reality activities such as rock climbing, racing, dancing, or do yoga with the simple use of a program and headset.  Virtual reality allows people to go anywhere to participate in a variety of activities they might not be able to do normally or gets them out when there is a snowstorm outside.

Another trend is for people to take time to improve their mental health. This is a direct result of the pandemic when people were focused more on Covid than themselves.  People are expected to focus on their mental health by doing more yoga and meditation, to therapy and self-care routines.  Mental health has become a priority these days and people have learned to put themselves first.

It is expected that the number of people who are switching to plant based diets to continue increasing.  Although plant based diets have been around for a while, people are becoming more aware of the benefits and are switching over.  In addition, plant based diets are supposed to be better for the environment and with global climate change more people are wanting to focus on environmental sustainability.  This is true in regard to working out and choice of diets.

Wearable technology has been around for a while but it has become even more sophisticated in the last couple of years.  In fact, the next generation of wearable technology is allowing people to monitor your heartbeat, keep track of you via GPS, and even monitor sugar levels.  This sophisticated type of monitoring allows the individual to monitor their progress towards reaching their set goals.

Finally, Tabata Workouts are trending for 2023 because this type of high intensity interval training can be done in a shorter period of time while allowing the person to get a good workout.  Tabata training is made up of alternating periods of 20 seconds of all out working with 10 seconds of rest for a total of about 4 minutes.  This type of workout is short but effective and easy to do.  

These are the predicted trends for fitness in 2023.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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