Monday, October 17, 2022

Mixing Weights With Combination Moves


Often times in our days, it is difficult to carve out time to schedule a long enough workout to meet all the needs of our bodies.  Unfortunately, when time grows shorter, workouts are often the first thing to go and it is difficult to start up again.  Although skipping a workout occasionally may actually benefit you, skipping it on a regular basis can lead to muscle and bone loss. 

If you find your self with less time to workout, the solution is to focus on combining weights and moves together.  This way you can do more in less time and if you do the correct moves, you actually work on the whole body, head to toe.

Combo movements mean that you are combining two separate moves into one.  You might combine curls with overhead presses using your weights so you are working several muscle groups at once.  Thus you get a lot of work done at once.

There are several advantages to using this type of workout.  First, it allows you to burn more calories which helps you either become lean or remain leaner. In addition, working on two or more different muscle groups puts an extra demand on your heart and lungs which increases your cardio fitness.  It also is a great alternative to other forms of exercise.

When you combine the correct exercises with the right weight and proper number of reps, you will develop muscles and it makes a great alternative to other exercises so you do not get into a training rut.  Furthermore, combining exercises with weights can help improve your coordination and your balance. This increases your sports ability, making your more athletic and agile. This enhanced workout can be done in less than 30 minutes while giving you the benefits of a longer one.

Not all exercises can be combined easily for the best benefits and they may not be as good for developing super strength.When looking at combining exercises, you want to choose movements that flow from one to the next and are a challenge for both exercises. When choosing the proper weight to use with the combined movements, choose the smaller amount of weight you can manage for either exercise.  If you can do a curl with 5 pounds and a press with 3 pounds, use the three pounds.  If the exercises are not combined properly, it can cause injury so make sure you don't just combine any together. Combining exercises is not for beginners because you have to be able to perform both exercises well in order to combine them effectively.

Here are a few examples of combined exercises which can easily be done at home. 

1. Lateral raise and lunge. This combines one upper and one lower body exercise and it helps with hip mobility, coordination, and balance.  Begin in a standing position with your feet next to each other and a weight in each hand.  Begin by raising your hands outwards at your side up to shoulder level.  As you are lowering your arms, move your leg forward into a lunge, then move the leg back and move forward on the other leg, lunge, and back into standing position. This makes one repetition.  Repeat the combination several times.

2. Dumbbell curl and press.  This combination works the upper body, specifically the biceps, deltoids, and triceps.  This can be done while either seated or in standing position.  You begin by holding a weight in each hand, with the hands resting at your side, arms relaxed.  Slowly raise the weights by bending the elbows until the weights reach your shoulder.  Then press the weights above your head as far up as you can go by straightening the arms.  Bring the weights back down to your shoulders, then down to your sides, to the position you started at.  

There are lots of suggestions for combining exercises on the internet but I rely on DVD's so I can watch and see the proper form while I'm doing it.  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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