Monday, October 10, 2022

What To Look For In Work Shoes


Today, I'm looking at choosing a good pair of shoes for work.  When I talk about work shoes, I do not always mean boots worn by construction workers.  Today, I'm talking about shoes you wear all day at your job.  As a teacher, I spend a lot of time on my feet and I have friends who work at grocery stores who have to be on their feet all day. 

For some people, work shoes refers to high heels while for others it may refer to sneakers or boots.  It all depends but there are certain things you can look for when selecting a pair of shoes to use at work.

The first step in selecting a good pair of work shoes is to determine what type of shoes are best for your job. Is it heels, high or flats because you are a professional?  Boots because you work outside and do they need steel toes?  What kind of shoes?  It may sound like an obvious question but it is important.  

In addition, you need to think about the type of movement you'll be doing.  Will you spend most of your time behind a desk so you do not do much walking or will you be on your feet all day with only a chance to sit at break or lunch.  Will you be outside most of the time or dealing with wet floors?

Then determine what type of arch you have?  Is it a high arch?, medium or low arch? Do you have bunions or anything that could effect your choice of shoes.  I know my mother had bunions and her toes were squashed due to wearing high heels in her teens through her thirties.  The bunions came from wearing a pointed toe since when she was young, they didn't have heels with the wider toes.

If you have a super high arch, you might need to add in a higher arch since most shoes come with minimal arches built in.  You want the arch to provide support for your foot and make the shoe more comfortable. If you have planters warts, you might want an insert created for this foot issue.  

The big issue with any work shoe is to choose form over function.  For instance, in regard to choosing high heels, it has been found that wearing high heels is one of the leading causes of foot pain in women so when you buy a pair, there are certain things you want to look for so you have both comfort and the right look.  Look at heels that are no more than two inches tall at the most and look for shoes that have a box or wide toe area.  Ignore shoes with pointy nosed toes, super high heels, peep toed shoes, and those shoes with high wedges or platforms.

On the other hand, if your job requires you to drive or walk all day, you should look at shoes that are do not pinch your feet because if they are too narrow, or even too wide, your shoes will cause discomfort over time.  In addition, you'll want a shoe that breaths so if your feet sweat the moisture wicks away so they stay dry.  Make sure your toes are not pushing the toe end of the shoe, otherwise your feet feel cramped and the toes can wear through the edge.

Furthermore, make sure the shoes have enough room so if your feet swell, your shoes will still be comfortable.  When you try on your shoes, make sure you have a pair of socks or stockings similar to the ones you plan to wear with them so the fit is correct and when you are trying them on, walk around in them for several minutes to get a better idea of fit.

It is also important to be willing to invest in a pair of shoes that will go with all of your clothing be they dresses or slacks.  The more outfits the shoes go with the more wear you'll get out of them.  Some of the recommended colors are black, brown, blue, beige, or grey since these colors tend to go with more colors and shades.

Choose a shoe that is made of more durable material with a good soul and sturdy heels.  You want a material that is breathable so avoid leatherette because that doesn't breath. Be aware that you'll end up spending a decent chunk of money because you are making an investment and you do not want the cheapest shoe you can find.  Buying a good work shoe is an investment so budget it in since you want the best shoe you can afford.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear.  Have a great day.

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