Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Are You Kidding?

City, Taxi, Public, Transport, Inside  There was a show on, years ago, about how stupid criminals could be.  I wondered if people really are that stupid and I've come to the conclusion they can be.

I recently read of two different people who tried to rob taxi cabs.  In the first case, a man in Pennsylvania pulled out a gun to rob the driver of the taxi he was in.

  The only problem was he'd chosen to do it at a stop light, so when the light turned green and the cab did not move, the deputy sheriff in the next vehicle back investigated.  When the robber realized the deputy was checking in on things, he tried to run but didn't get far and found himself arrested and in jail charged with robbery.

A woman in Denver Colorado decided to steal a taxi from the driver.  She flagged down a cab, told him she wanted to head to a specific convenience store, pulled a knife, pushed the driver out, then took off with the cab.  The driver called in the robbery and the police caught up with her at the previously mentioned store, after she'd ditched the cab.  She was arrested on charges of robbery and taken off to jail.

I got the next story from a friend who worked law enforcement.  One day a man walked into the station and wanted to know if he had any outstanding warrants in the system.  Turns out he had a couple but he just nodded at the information, turned and started out of the building.  They stopped him and arrested him.  He really couldn't understand why they would do that.  He was so sweet in helping them by showing up and identifying himself.

I love the one in which robber went into a convenience store to rob it.  He remembered to hide his face by wearing a paper sack but he forgot to put eye holes in it and almost hurt himself because he kept running into shelving.  He didn't see the clerk call the police....LOL.

The final one concerns the drunken woman in Chicago who was driving her car around with a 15 foot tree stuck to the front grill.  Apparently the vehicle hit the tree earlier on causing the airbags to be deployed but the driver was not hurt and continued to drive the car until the police officer stopped her.

If you are wondering about the tree, it managed to wedge itself in the front grill so it was almost completely upright and other than being ripped out by its roots, it was pretty much intact.  I think the car looked more worse for wear than the tree.

As long as their are stupid criminals out there, officers will have an easy time arresting the perpetrators. 

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