Thursday, March 31, 2016

Not Again!

Schnedach, Deep Snow, Snow, Roof, Hut  See the picture there.  The one showing several feet of snow on top and surrounded by snow!   That is what most of the places in the area look like this morning.  Even though the blizzard raged all night, its still going strong this morning.

My neighbor was sweet last night when he took time to dig my doorway out so I could get in.  I live in a four-plex that is set up with two apartments, a boiler room and two apartments.  Each apartment has a common door that opens outward.

That means every time,  we get snow, I have to push the door open so that it pushes the snow aside.  You may wonder why the door does not open inward?  If it did, one of us could not get out.  We have a entrance way that is about 3 feet by 4 feet called an arctic entrance and our doors open into that.

So last night around 6:30, I came home to a cleared out door area. Around 10 PM, I opened the iced shut door and moved some snow out of the way.  I woke up at 3 and got up to push the door open because the storm was blowing hard and forcing snow to stick to the windows.  Well it stuck.  It took quite a bit of hip power to get the door open just enough for me to get an arm out.

I grabbed the ice chipper and ran it under the door bashing whatever I could reach.  I jabbed everything behind the door I could reach until it moved.  I admit, I was not going to get dressed to go outside to shovel enough snow to fully clear the door.  I figured I could do that in about 4 hours when I was up and dressed.

Talk about being wrong!  I could barely open the door to get my arm through it.  I once again jabbed the ice chipper under the door, loosening what I could.  I reached behind the door and chopped everything I could reach.  It didn't do much good, so I repeated the whole process enough to move the door.

Once I got the door open enough to slide through while holding my breath to make me as skinny as possible, I got out with shovel in hand so I could shovel enough snow to clear the door.  I was not going to stand in the snow blasting wind to clear the whole porch.  Once the immediate area was clear, I came back in to eat breakfast and write this.

It is 7:15 AM right now and I have no idea if work will be on time, be delayed, or cancelled.  I go in early so if work is cancelled, I'm gone before the call goes out and I find out when I get to work.  There are a few of us who are always there before starting time and we always miss the call.  I'll do an update later on, once I find out the status.

I hope you have a good day today and don't have a full fledged blizzard in your location.

UPDATE - There is work and I'm here

UPDATE - UPDATE They sent us home early due to the blizzard being even worse.  I had to borrow a neighbor's shovel to chip the ice off the doorway and remove another 8 inches of snow to get my door open.   I know I'll shovel a few more times tonight to keep the area clear. 


  1. Oh man! THAT IS SOMETHING I WILL NEVER EVER MISS - Snow. I used to deal with it ALL THE TIME and I used to competitively snowboard - so I HAD to be in it... But I do NOT like the cold, thus snow falls into that! HA HA. I like looking at it from the window, while I am cozy. But that's about it!

    1. I do get tired of shoveling it off my porch so I can get out of my door. I think when I retire, I'm going to move somewhere warm where I never have to shovel again. Thank you for visiting my site and leaving a comment.

  2. It hardly gets cold enough here to ever wear a coat. I was in the States in Pennsylvania for two beautiful white Christmas' I can hardly imagine how you go to work and live with all that snow, it is amazing. I guess you build good arm muscles that most would envy. I trust you get some relief very soon. I found this post most interesting.
    Blogger's Pit Stop

    1. I shovel snow and count it as exercise. Yes it does help build good arm muscles. The wind quit last night and I got fully shoveled out in time to get about 1 inch last night of gentle snow.

  3. Reading posts like this always makes me happy that I live in the California desert (even if it will soon be 110!). Thanks for sharing at the Blogger's Pit Stop.

    1. In a few years, I'll retire and head out to somewhere much warmer so I don't freeze as much. I love having places to share my writings.