Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Its Spring

Hepatica, Plant, Flower, Spring  This morning, I realized that it has changed to spring outside.  Spring in Alaska is not like most places as we still have lots and lots of snow.  Its not the greening of the grass, not the flowers emerging from ground that signals spring.

It is a change in the world outside.  The filter covering the world changed from dingy to bright and clear.  Its as if someone cleaned the sky and got rid of all the dust and grime.

 I haven't used my sun glasses since October because it never got too bright but now I need them. The world now shines so clearly that my eyes ache if I don't wear my sun glasses.  The temperature is rising so the snow is getting a bit softer.  Pretty soon, sublimation will occur and the piles of snow will slowly sink into nothingness.  Sometimes, the snow looses its underpinnings and your foot plunges through to the ground as you walk across it.

This morning, as I walked to work around 7:30, I noticed lighter streaks of blue near the horizon. That tells me that it won't be too long before the sun will be rising at a reasonable hour. The sky always starts changing from a deep cobalt blue through so many shades of blue until it is light and the sun is up.  I think we are gaining in the 4 to 6 minute per day so the sun rises before 10 AM and sets closer to 7:30 PM.  On the shortest day the sun is not up till around noon and sets by 6 PM so we are making progress.

I love this time of the year because its brightness makes me feel alive and my over all attitude improves.  My step becomes springy and I feel less stressed.  Its like the world has been born again, offering new adventures and each day promises to be beautiful.

It won't be long before the frozen lake thaws and I have to take the long way around to the post office in my rain boots.  The road changes from frozen to soft mud that sucks at your boots wanting you to stay put.  Each step is a fight to move forward but you tell yourself you are getting your exercise in as you struggle to walk.

People will try to ride their snow machines as long as they can before giving in to the lack of snow and going back to their 4 wheelers (ATV) or walking.  It means sleds are put away and you start having friends take your packages back to your house

Soon, the daylight will take over to the point, where it is no longer dark most of the day and the temperature makes it comfortable so you are outside till midnight without realizing it.  Welcome to my world.

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