Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Top 10 Most Popular Dances.

Freedom, Jump, Reach, Silhouettes, Young  I absolutely love to dance.  I am the world's best dancer in my own home.  I rival Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in my mind as I sweep around the living room.  I can follow Margo Fontaine as I sway  and twirl to the music.

The reality is, I will never be a professional dancer.  I enjoy social dancing where perfect form is does not take a priority over pure enjoyment. 

I began wondering about social dances and which ones are the most popular so after a bit of research I present the top 10 popular dances of recent life time?

Here goes beginning at 10th place and counting down, we have:

10. - The Time Warp - one of the most famous dances springing from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I know people who do it all the time at balls while in formal dress.  Image couples in tuxedos and long formal dresses bouncing and wiggling around the floor doing the Time Warp!

9. The Loco-Motion - the dance that was created to go with an existing song.  Did you know the song made it to the U.S top three, three different times by three different artists?

8. Gangham Style - originated by PSY, the Korean rock star.

7. The Macarena - A Latin flavored dance made popular in the 90's and seen all around including on television commercials.  Its even been done to Eskimo dance music at village dances.

6.  Y.M.C.A - from the Village People and done by everyone from 5 to 95.  Its danced at weddings, proms and all other types of fun get togethers.

5.  Disco - This is a class of dances that became popular with Saturday Night Live.  It covers the Electric Boogaloo, the Bump, and the Hustle.

4. Line Dancing - again covers a group of dances including "Cotton eyed Joe" or Achy Breaky Heart.  You don't need a partner to have fun doing it with others.  There is always someone in front of you or next to you to follow.

3. Swing Dancing - as its known now but it was the dance done by our parents and grandparents back in World War II.  Spanned a period from the 1920's to the 50's.

2.  The Moonwalk - made famous by Michael Jackson and emulated by so many others.

Finally, the top dance!
# 1. The Twist - a dance that anyone can do and made famous by Chubby Checkers.

Yes, I admit, I've done several of these at various functions.  They are all fun and you don't have to be fantastic, you just have to enjoy yourself and have fun.


  1. What fun that was. I can't dance but in my mind I do. So I love the fact that you do and enjoy yourself so much dancing. Great list too.
    Blogger's Pit Stop

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Dancing is a great way to relieve stress and its so much fun when doing it by yourself because then you are the best on the floor.