Saturday, March 19, 2016


Pick And Mix, Children'S Sweets, Candy I bet you've been involved in fund raising for your kids schools, for the public television or radio station, for the girl scouts, for your church or for your favorite charity. 

Most fund raising involves either selling something like candy, or giving gifts for contributions such as a cup with the character in your show that you love, or perhaps even a trip you outbid everyone on?

Where I live the fundraising opportunities are limited.  There are really only two choices out here.  First is selling food like cake, jello cups, soda, cookies, or other sweet.  The second is organizing a basketball tournament so people band together to form teams and the teams play beginning around 10 AM and go till one or two in the morning.  Long days but they usually clear several thousand dollars.

Our local radio station hosted a basketball tournament over at the school.  I popped over just in time to have a friend collar me to help run the score board for her game.  Her first and only instructions were "Give all the points to my team!" Geez. I've only ever done the scoreboard for wresting or elementary basketball where you don't have to worry about keeping track of the fouls, the time the ball is not in play, or anything else!

In elementary basketball, they use a running clock so I don't have to worry about stopping the time when the ball runs out of bounds.  I don't have to keep track of fouls as I had to for these games.  I was able to escape from the job at half time but I stuck around to watch the game. 

My friend's team got trounced, run over, whipped, or lost big time.  By the end of the first half her team was losing 41 to 8.  By the end of the game, it was something like 89 to 8.  In the last couple minutes of the game, the other team even passed the ball to them in the hopes her team would make a few extra points but no such luck. 

Most of the people on her team didn't practice or play regularly.  The other team came from the next village and did play regularly.  My friend used to play football in high school.  She said she had to remind herself not to block or tackle them during the game.

I'm off to do more work but I just got informed I need to be around at 1 PM for a possible elementary game.  There went my afternoon nap.  Darn!

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