Sunday, March 13, 2016


Its that time of year again, where the days get longer, the sun shines brightly and my body thinks its spring.  Today after a nice long week that left me tired enough to want to sleep for a long time, I got home after keeping score and running the time clock for two elementary basketball games.

Sunbathing, Rest, Relaxation, RelaxIt was the type of day, I wanted to sit out on the front porch in my shorts and t-shirt with a nice tropical fruit drink in my hand, a hat with a huge brim to protect me while I read a book. I was ready to enjoy the sun.  BUT there is still a ton of snow on the ground and I don't think the temperature was much over 20 or possibly 30 degrees F.

On the walk home, I felt like I needed to make my desires a reality so desperation took over and I got creative.

As soon as I got home, I sorted through my tea stash for something tropical with pineapple, mango, orange, or cherry so I could make a cold drink.  10 minutes later, I had my drink ready to go.   I rearranged the living room enough so I could get my lazy boy stationed in front of the picture window and raised the blinds.  I changed into a pair of shorts and tank top, grabbed my hat, my e-reader and lay down to enjoy the sun on my body while staying warm.

In the background, I put on some softly playing Polynesian music.  The type of music you automatically associate with warm climates in the south Pacific.  It provided the last part of the illusion with the tropical drink, and the sun, so I could pretend I was somewhere tropical, away from the snow that will be around for another 6 weeks.

It worked. I enjoyed myself so much, I fell asleep with the sunlight streaming in through the window.  The sun isn't quite strong enough to burn yet but I took the precaution of having the hat on and a colorful sarong draped over my body so I wouldn't burn.  I loved it.

I needed the mental escape to help relieve my stress and get through the time of year where the sunlight beckons us with the promise of warmth but reality is showing us its still too cold to be outside without coats and boots.  When winter lasts from October to April, it gets tiring and can be a bit too long so we find ways of coping.

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