Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Pi Day

Pi, Symbol, Icon, Form, Tile  Today is  Pi day and celebrated by mathematicians all over the world.  March 14 represents the first three digits of Pi.  Some people believe the best moment is March 14th at 3 PM because it the first five digits of Pi or 3.1415.

The fun thing about Pi day is that even Pizza Hut is participating in the celebration.  They opened up a website with three mathematical questions to answer earlier this morning at 8 AM ET and it closes at midnight.  The questions range in difficulty from high school to PhD.  If you win, you will get free pizza for just more than 3.14 years.

If you live in San Francisco, you can participate in a  Pi day celebration called the Mission Pie Crawl where you'll visit 6 different establishments to enjoy both sweet and savory pies before ending at the Pi Bar where it is Pi every day.

Finally, a recommended list of 10 pies to celebrate Pi day.

1. The multi-digit pie which houses the first several digits of Pi.  Make a flat square pie base with a berry covering and draw the digits in it.  Remember - Area is Pi r^2 ( Pie are squared).

2. Apple pie whose filling is made of digits cut out of the pieces of apples.

3. Mini apple pies - small tarts with the pi symbol place on the top made out of slices of apple.

4. The Pi pie - an enclosed pie filled with chocolate and peanut butter shaped like the pie symbol.

5. An open Pi pie - a crust shaped like the Pi symbol, filled with any fruit filling and topped with a lattice decorated with more numbers.

6. Fried Pi pie - again in the shape of Pi and filled with what ever flavor is desired, then fried.

7. Book apple pie - shaped like a math book with the first several digits carved into the crust so you see the apple filling inside.

8. Mini pies each with one digit put together in a rectangle to show the first 100 digits of Pi, with a hidden Pi symbol made of a different filling in the middle.

9. Cookie Pi  crust - a Pi symbol made out of left over pie crust and seasoned with something like Cinnamon sugar.

10.  Pizza Pie with a pepperoni Pi symbol.

No matter how you celebrate it, enjoy the day and remember its also Albert Einstein's birthday.

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