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The 11 Most Dangerous Places on Earth.

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That volcano is still erupting and causing flights here in Alaska to be canceled. I know it can be dangerous living by a volcano as evidenced by Pompeii but I wondered where are most dangerous places on earth are found.  One list I found listed places filled with murder, theft, and other crimes.

I admit I wasn't thinking about political unrest when I thought about dangerous, I was thinking more about places that were so beautiful that they were dangerous.  After a bit of searching, I found them.

1. Bardarbunga Volcano, Iceland. This volcano is the second largest of the 30 scattered throughout Iceland.  Its been currently active since August of 2014.  Aside from being very unpredictable, a volcano can emit poisonous gas.

2. Mount Everett, Nepal.  Since 1953, 250 people have died trying to climb to the top. Only about 100 to 200 people per year attempt the climb.  Its said that the view form the top is spectacular.

3. Danakil Desert, Ethiopia.  This place is extremely barren and covered with salty soil, not to mention temperatures that constantly hover around 120 degrees. It has a nick name, "The cruelest place on earth".  In addition, there are high crime rates in the areas around this desert.

4. Tatouine, Tunisia or Tatooine from the original Star Wars Films.  The Skywalker farm has attracted science fiction fans for years but there is some political unrest in in Libya, the country next door,  that has sparked rumors about ISIS in the region.

5. Death Road Bolivia.  This 11,000 foot road runs from the Andes down to the rain forest.  It is so treacherous that it has earned the name "Death road.  It is extremely steep with few if any barriers causing approximately 200 to 300 bicyclists and motorists to be killed each year.

6. The Eiger, Switzerland is one of the toughest climbs known to man. The north face is nicknamed "The murder wall" because of the number of lives it has claimed.

7. Honduras is a beautiful country but it has rampant malaria, poor medical care and their sanitation is lousy.  So if you go, ask for bottled water and no ice.

8. Gouffer Berger Cave, France is a set of ancient lime stone caves that are absolutely beautiful but dangerous.  Nicknamed "The Killer Cave", it is especially dangerous during heavy rains because the tunnels flood and can trap people.

9. Devil's Swimming Pool. Victoria Falls.  When the dry season hits the area, the levels of the water in falls deceases to the point that the rock lip at the edge fills with water and forms a swimming area just inches from a 100 meter drop.

10. Jacobs Well, Wimberly, TX.  This is a spring that forms a swimming hole and extends down for 10 feet or so.  Often cave divers enjoy going down and exploring the area but open water divers have problems and can end up dead. Local authorities discourage anyone from diving there.

11. Mount Huashan hiking trail, China.  This hiking trail is one of the most perilous in the world.  The trail has extremely narrow rock ledges or wooden boards attached together act as foot holds while there are metal chains attacked to the rock  for hand holds. There is a history of fatal falls but the view is absolutely breathtaking. 

I tried to find places of beauty that were deadly rather than going for places classified as dangerous due to crime or war.  The pictures that accompanied each location were so  breathtaking that I bet the same views in real life leave viewers speechless. 
Bárðarbunga Volcano, Iceland Read more at:
Bárðarbunga Volcano, Iceland Read more at:

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