Thursday, May 18, 2017

Eskimo Baseball

 Eskimo baseball is a rather unique version of baseball.  Its known by several names but this is the one I learned it by.  I still don't know all the rules so I'll try to share what I know.

One team is lined up to bat while the other team is off on the field.  The field is actually just the area between the lineup and the safe line at the end. If this were a basketball court, one end would have the batters while the other end is the safe line.
There is a pitcher who pitches one of two ways.  The first is what we are used to.  He or she stands in the middle of the field and pitches the ball to the batter who tries to hit it.  

The other way is to stand next to the batter, throw the ball straight up and as it comes down, the batter swings hoping to hit it.  In this game the pitcher chose the second method.

So once the ball is hit, the batter either runs for the other line all the while hoping no one tags him out or he waits till someone else hits a better ball and runs for it.

 When the ball is hit, the team in the field scrambles to get the ball so they can throw it at the runner or run up to him and tag him.  The ball has to touch the person before they are out.  It follows the standard three outs and you change sides. 

 We played in an area surrounded by channels of water so often the ball went quite a distance and landed in the middle of marshy water.  I'd get a call to retrieve it because none of the kids wore their boots.
 The day was actually pretty nice although still a bit chilly due to an earlier rain fall.  By the end of the day, it has warmed up to quite warm.

I included a picture of the area looking out towards the end of the new airport (the old one is behind us.)  The lake you see is the same one found in front of my house.

It is beautiful out there and I love spring the best when its warm and beautiful.  Have a great day, be back tomorrow with more.  Next week, I'll have pictures of Fairbanks.

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