Friday, May 5, 2017

Prom Time

Salon, Prom, Interior, Luggage  Tomorrow night is the Prom!  The proms out here are similar to those you've seen but they are also quite different. I'll explain about the proms held here and I'll provide pictures on Monday so you get an idea of what they do.

On Friday night and Saturday, the junior class spends the evening and day turning the entry and cafeteria into a wonderland straight out of a book.  I haven't asked what this year's them is but I know it will be great.

One bit thing is to cover all windows so the prom is cut off from the outside world.  A big difference is that the prom is open to everyone from 6th to 12th grade and sometimes even the community.  Its interesting seeing people from the communities coming with spouses and babies who are in formal wear.

In addition, the food provided is usually just finger food and snacks with some sort of punch.  The tables and chairs are often placed in the entry so they have more room in the cafeteria for dancing.  The food table is placed in front of the serving area so people can pop in and out with food as they replenish the goodies.

The DJ,  if you can call it that, is someone with music everyone likes.  Sometimes they get paid a bit but the school usually provides the speakers and sometimes even the computer.  They like the music loud enough to make everyone deaf so if I go, I stay in the hallway, away from the torture.

The juniors usually set up a nice photo area near the cafeteria entrance.  Sometimes they hire a person to take photos (the computer teacher or a parent) but usually I go over with my trusty iTouch and snap a ton load of pictures for students, the newsletter, and parents.

Most of the boys dress up in suits with ties but they've never learned to tie a tie so they ask me.  I've already had one student who wants me there to tie their tie.  Most of the girls do not dress in advance because of the dirt and mud outside.  They do not want their dresses to get dirty so they make sure their hair looks awesome, they have makeup on before arriving at school to take over the girls restroom. 

Many of the 6th to 8th grade girls borrow dresses and shoes so the items might be a bit large.  Few of the girls know how to walk in heals so there is a lot of clunking.  Many of the boys borrow a suit from a male family member so their suits don't fit quite right.

This is one of the few occasions these teens have to dress up. The other event is graduation so if they are a senior, they wear their suits or prom dresses under their gowns.  I love going and seeing how mature some of them look.

Come Monday, I'll share some pictures of the decorations so you get a feel for this wonderland created by the Juniors.

Have a good day.

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