Friday, May 26, 2017

You Won't Believe These!!!!!

 I stopped through the Farmer's Market this past Wednesday and stumbled across these beauties.  Look at them!  They are mouth watering, gorgeous, and perfect.

I could not believe them when I saw them at the Honey Bakery.  You read that right!  The bakery!

These are cookies created to look like peaches.  The skin color is absolutely spot on.  The glistening is due to sprinkled sugar.  I"m not sure what the leaves are made of. 

The six are rather expensive but they are so realistic.  As I walked around the market, I had multiple people ask me where I got the "peaches" because they looked so real.

The baker took the peach theme all the way.

Check out the two pictures.  These are close ups of one cookie showing the details the baker included.

The skin color is perfect for a peach.  Even with the photo taken so close, the peach looks so juicy and desirable.

 When you crack open the cookie, you find a "pit"in the center made up of a cooked, reconstituted dried peach so it sits in the center and is wonderfully gooey. 

When you split it in half, the "seed" separates into one half of the cookie while the other is free, almost like a real peach.

Everyone who saw these cookies were so surprised because they look so real.  I'd actually stopped there to pick up some creme rolls which are like thin waffle cones in a roll, filled with a flavored creme mixture.  It is frozen so its like an ice creme cone and its so good.  I've got more pictures to share so I'll probably include more on Monday. 

Have a great weekend.  Let me know what you think.  The pictures do not do justice to the real item.  The cookies were enjoyable.

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