Friday, May 19, 2017

The Village

 I thought I'd share some pictures of the village as it appears from my house.  The houses are all basically the same but many are bright and colorful.  A couple years ago, many of the houses were repainted.  The most used color was nicknamed "Smurf blue".  I got the name from a friend who said they painted her house that color.

The whole lake is no deeper than chest so its really not that deep.
 This shot was taken looking towards the left from the other picture.  If you look carefully you will see two windmills.  They help keep the cost of electricity from rising.  Its already quite expensive.

The blue building above the basketball courts/hockey rink, right next to the light is the catholic church built in the 1980's.  The one before it became one of the stores in town and it recently closed down due to a death.

This picture shows some of the house colors.

In this picture which has moved left, you get a great view of the hockey rink with the two basketball courts.  I need to get a picture of the courts themselves.

The brown building behind the court, across the lake, is the combination post office and court.  Each occupies half the building.  Several years ago some enterprising young people tried to start a coffee stop in the court building.  One of those places where you stop for a cup of coffee and then move on but it didn't do well and went out of business.
I think it was fine during summer when people were out and about but once it got cold, I think people refused to stop by as much.

To the right you see the peace pole which stands in front of the school.  You are looking at the front of the school building and seeing part of the parking lot.  The only vehicles which park there are 4 wheelers or snow machines.

If it gets too full, the secretaries make announcements over the PA to please move your vehicle because no one can get through.  Its fun watching vehicles roll up and see the students hop off before it heads up.

The part of the building right behind the peace pole is the cafeteria.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing the village I work in most of the year.  Have a nice day.

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