Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mother's Day Gifts.

Bouquet Of Roses, Pink Roses

My mother and I live about 1800 miles apart so I don't get to see her on Mother's day but I make sure I call her every year.  This year, Mother's day is on Sunday, May 14th. The rest of my siblings live near them so she spends it with them as they give her a nice gift or take her out to dinner.

Unfortunately, they live in a small town without any chain restaurants so I can't send her a gift certificate to use.  There are some in the closest city but my father is old enough, his reactions are not great and I don't want him trying to drive there.

So I'm checking out all those lists of suggested mother's days gifts but most of the things on the list are just not my mother.  She doesn't wear perfume, collect knickknacks, or get off on journaling.  I did find a few things for her.  When shopping for a gift, you need to keep in mind the personality of your mother.

1.  The Just Add Ice Orchid from Amazon.  To keep it alive all you do is place three ice cubes in it every week.  This is perfect for my mother as she loves to grow orchids but manages to kill them.  Last time I was on the Big Island, I stopped by the orchid place to get her four baby orchids.  The sales lady said "benign neglect" is the key. Unfortunately, she's killed three out of four so far. Maybe she'd be able to keep this one alive.

2. A bouquet of flowers.  Although my mother loves flowers, she prefers the live plant to cut flowers because she loves to fuss over the plants since her children have all left home.

3. A new summer hat to protect her from the sun.  My mother easily gets heat stroke and must wear a hat outside at all times, even in the winter.  Last time I saw her, she wore one of those small cloth hats.  I think she needs one with a large brim for Sunday's and other important times when she needs something a bit classier.

4. I just saw some fancy candy.  That is something she might enjoy.  Unless my father gets there first before finishing it all up.  She always shares with him.

5. Glass terrariums where plants are sealed inside the glass.  No watering, no care.  This is something she'd love because she could look at it and enjoy it all the time.

These are just a few ideas I found for my Mother.  My advice is to look at all those XX ideas for mother's day gifts to find something that resonates.  Something that says "Its perfect for my mother."  When it does that, you know its right for your mom.

Have a good day.

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