Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Graduation Is Rapidly Approaching.

Graduation, Scroll, Cap, University  Graduation for the seniors is set to happen Thursday evening at 7:00 PM.  It is as much an event as the prom was. 

Girls wear their prom dresses under their gowns while the boys wear their suits.  I'll be helping the boys out by making sure their ties are properly tied.

The gym is decorated as beautifully as the cafeteria was for the gym.  In fact, many of the items used at the prom, are recycled for graduation.  Seniors will spend all day Thursday decorating the gym so its perfect for them.  They even put down a walkway of fancy paper so they have a path to follow to the chairs.

Graduation classes are usually in the 12 to 20 range with several who due to earlier choices do not graduate with their classes.  The families will sit up on the bleachers for most of it but as the students march in, people rush down to snap pictures of the graduate.  There is usually a place up front where the student stops to pose for photos before heading for the seating.

After a ceremony with  the speaker, principal, superintendent, and school board members, and being given their awards and diplomas,  the students head out to the cafeteria to form a receiving line where everyone congratulates them on their success.  The night ends with cake and juice for everyone.

The next evening, Friday night, the middle school has their promotion sending them off to high school.  There are no caps or gowns but the students march in along a path in their best clothing with the families again snapping pictures. 

When I came here, they had preschool, kindergarten, 8th grade and High school graduation.  All of these required the use of caps and gowns with some sort of "certificate"  Over the years the first two have been eliminated and the third changed to a promotions.  The administration has tried to get rid of it but there is a lot of resistance because too many of those 8th graders do not finish high school.

I plan to take pictures of graduation and promotion to share with everyone.  Have a good day and enjoy your spring.

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