Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Late At Night.

 This is a picture of the lake in front of my house.  It was taken around 10:00 at night without any artificial lights.  It doesn't get dark till around midnight or so and the sun rises around 5 or so in the morning.

By mid June, it will be light for an even longer span.  The lake itself is maybe waist to chest high on a normal adult.  I know this because one of the teachers put on a pair of chest high waders and walked across the lake.  It was fun watching him.  He is really tall so it was about hip level.
 Again you see the edge of the lake by teacher housing.  Out here, housing is often an issue so many districts provide housing for its employees.  Most of the buildings are duplexes with a two bedroom and a three bedroom apartment.

The exception is the first building facing the lake which is a quad with four one bedroom apartments while the other is the last one facing the lake with two one and a half bedrooms.

The area between the end of the lake and teacher housing is kind of marshy so you need your mud boots on when walking in that area.  The dogs love wandering through there.

 In this picture which was taken from just in front of the back steps of the school, you see the new airport in the distance.  Its those two little bumps which are two huge maintenance buildings.

To the extreme left is a hockey rink that has never been used for hockey.  The carpentry class built two wooden platforms for basketball.  Kids and adults spend hours playing out there when the weather finally gets warm.

I've seen them shovel melting snow off the platforms so they can get out and play sooner.

This shot allows you to see more of the rink and a bit of the village off in the distance.  All roads are dirt with gravel.

I'm told the city plans to redo the roads so they are smoother.  Last fall they redid the parking lot in front of the Post Office but it rained so instead of ending up with a nice flat surface, it was bumpy, jagged and it dangerous.

I'll see what it looks like when I get back from my summer holidays.

Keep an eye out for more pictures of the area over the next few days.  Later in the week, I'll be up in Fairbanks where I'll take some additional pictures to share the world from there.  I think you'll love some of the countryside because it is so different from here.

Have a good day.  See you tomorrow.

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