Wednesday, February 24, 2016

10 Great Things I Learned Over The Past Three Days.

Airplane, Plane, Field, Landing Field  I sit in an almost deserted airport as I write this.  I'm always early because you never know if security is going to go quickly or allow me to pass through rapidly.  Today due to a pre-check stamp, it was so quick.  I didn't even have to take all my electronic devices out of my bag!  It was cool.

The conference is over and I learned so much.  I am pumped up ready to head home and implement all the things I learned (Well, try but it will take a while).

1.  I learned that companies who make things like cell phones and such have  something proprietary in there that allows them to find out all types of things about you but must have a back door in case police need in.  That back door can allow people in to take your information, take control or any other thing.

2.  So many things have chips in them that most anything is now computerized and many of those such as pacemakers or the devices to give you directions can be hacked or taken over by others.

3.  I learned more about google plus so I can use all its parts to become a better blogger and organize my self in private life.

4.  I learned about creating origami animals that move and light up.

5. I learned about the google cardboard VR (Virtual Reality) viewer to use with your mobile smart type phone.  You can also find apps to create the VR to use on the viewers.  I need to figure out if it will work with my itouch!

6.  I learned about some awesome coding sites I can explore in my free time so I can learn more about programming.  I am a life time learner and I love to learn.

7.  I didn't know how much Star Wars technology has become reality.  I wonder about Star Trek and other types of science fiction.  How much of that technology has become real?  Didn't someone once talk about if we can imagine it, we can build it?

8.  I learned that there is more to the law and social media than I ever realized.

9.  I learned about a widget program that can be used only for assessment rather than putting in an interactive iBook.

10.  I learned enough about paper circuits to get some great ideas and to make me want to play.  Yeah!!!!!

I am already looking forward to my next technology conference.  I come out knowing so much and I want to know more and more and more and with I had time to do all the learning I want.

Have a good day.

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