Sunday, February 21, 2016

Last Night, I Saw It.

Star Wars, Storm Trooper, Film, Space    Last night, I went out on a date with a man who is tall, dark, and handsome.  He took me to the newest Star Wars movie. It wasn't the regular showing but the 3-D one.  I'll be honest, I have never been to a 3D movie before so it was a totally new experience. 

It was a small theater with only 49 seats but each seat was a lazy boy type chair where you could lay back and relax.  My date almost fell asleep because they were so comfortable. 

The movie itself in 3-D was absolutely breathtaking from the barren worlds to the beautiful green jungle to the snow covered rock.  The way the ships popped off the screen to stream across the theater, making everyone jump.  There were times, I ducked because the explosion was so vibrant, you felt it.

SPOILER ALERT:  If you have not seen the movie, I'm talking about parts of it.

First of all, let me say that I loved this movie.  I feel as if the stories have returned to their origins and are back on the path the others should have been on.  I loved it.  I saw similarities to the original movies that warmed my heart.  I hated the other three, the ones with Jar Jar Binks.  They made no sense.

It was cool seeing the original star wars characters but I hated seeing the cowboy die or at least be hurt.  My date's friend think's Hans will be back.  I don't know.  I see how his son is afraid of the light side and is willing to be seduced to the dark side.  I loved the young heroine's abilities to use the force without training.  I loved every minute of the movie and plan to get it when its released.

Now for the downside.  I discovered I do not do well with 3D.  I had a great dinner so I was stuffed and I spent the movie in varying stages of queasyness.  I did not throw up but I had to shut my eyes several times to calm my stomach down.  I'm not sure I'll ever go again but I did see some previews for upcoming movies that made me want to see them.  If I go again, I won't eat much and I'll take a sea sick med so I don't get queasy.

If you haven't seen it, go out and enjoy it before it leaves the theater.

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