Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why Would You Do It There???????

Film, Cinema, Video, Camera, Film Camera I am at a technology in education with workshops and presentations that cover any and all topics you can think of.

I went to a talk on student perception of the would of information and the presenter claims that although students are masters of recreation and remixing, they are not programmers.

This means that technology has gotten to the point of being able to create movies using just a couple pieces of equipment such as a camera and a tablet.  Of course there is You Tube where these budding film makers can post their creations.

So the other day,  I walked into a scene that could have been seen in a reality show.  It was almost like finding yourself in an episode of twilight zone. Due to the compactness of technology, anywhere becomes the set for a video.  Anywhere.  You don't need permits, you don't need a sound stage, you can just do it in public.

I went into the ladies rest room and discovered it had been turned into a movie set but I didn't know it yet.  Over to the side, by the row of sinks, two women were talking.  One was standing there stretched out holding her cell phone while the other held her cell phone up looking at the light muttering something about long shots.  I didn't think too much about it at that point.

As I headed off to take care of business, echos of when to close the door, medium shots and voice overs followed me. A few minutes later,  another lady wondered in, paused and asked if they were creating a selfie movie.  The only response she got was a bunch of  giggles from the two ladies.

It was interesting listening to them as they discussed the next shot, I finished my business and wandered into a verbal check list.  I asked if they were doing some sort of scavenger hunt.  The question prompted a more giggles.  I shrugged and walked out.

Shortly after, I ran into a coworker who was working with someone on some sort of medium shot.  I stopped and chatted. Turns out a bunch of people were taking a workshop and this was part of the class.  They'd been sent out with cell phones to create some sort of video which included a variety of shots.

That explained the next scene that I became part of the background as I walked to the elevators heading for another presentation.  I passed another group who were filming in the lobby area by the conversation area.  I  was walking the opposite direction to the main character as she strode towards the camera.

When I next see my friend I'll ask her more questions of the activity and see how her video came out. I'm off to learn about wearable art.

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